Quartzite: A top trend contender for countertops, walls, and floors

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Every natural stone has its own pros that make the stone a right fit for your interior or exterior premises at home and office. Quartzite is a trendy choice among homeowners who prefer sophistication, ergonomics, and luxurious living. With crystalline sparkle, toughness, earth-toned hues and modish look, this stone from Indian quartzite supplier is a top contestant for home decor. For a layman, all stones are more or less the same except their colors. Only quartzite suppliers can make a difference between this stone and quartz.

This stone starts its life as sandstone and changes its form inside the crust of the earth. Through the quarrying and processing process, it is divided into slabs for countertops, floors, fireplaces, stairs, etc. Before you contact quartzite suppliers, let’s have a look at some of the assumptions that clear you why quartzite is good for you than any other stone types.

Know soft quartzite and hard quartzite before you pay

Quartzite manufacturers extract the stone from quarries and process it at factories. Quartzite is a word that is concerned with dolomites and marbles.  If you have not purchased this stone ever, you need to differentiate between a “soft” and “hard” quartzite.  This difference is detected with the quality factor. If you hear the word discounted quartzite, it means that it is “soft quartzite”. Remember that all the real quartzite mineral is hard with a property of 7 on the Mohs scale.

Some quartzite suppliers may dupe you with dolomite (Mohs scale ~ 4) or soapstone (Mohs scale 2-3) in the name of quartzite.  Here, the best thing you can do is to ask the seller for a lab report.

  • Hard quartzite: White Macaubas, Sea Pearl, Taj Mahal, Azul Macaubas, and Perla Venata
  • Soft quartzite: Fantasy Brown, Grey Goose, and Super White

Before making any purchase to beautify your walls, floors, and countertops, it would be better if you contact stone experts who can lead you in the right direction.

Shades and hues you find with quartzite suppliers

Your walls, fireplaces, floors, and countertops deserve something special: stone. Being hard, durable, and porous, quartzite makes its presence felt. When you start searching, you will find natural quartzite in white, gray, brown, or black hues primarily. In the market, other colors like yellow, blue, pink, red, or green are also available. You will always find a complete pure quartzite less colorful. With quartzite suppliers, you can expect the following shades:

  • Copper and D green quartzite
  • H White and Ocean green quartzite
  • S white and silver grey quartzite
  • D yellow and golden quartzite
  • H Black and H green quartzite
  • Silver shine and Z green quartzite

Factors like the presence of the amount of iron oxide, the age of the stone, and geographical location of the stone are responsible for dissimilarity in colors.


Quartzite or quartz

Natural things always pose a challenge to manmade things. In the same manner, quartzite and quartz are also a great option for countertops and other mosaics. At first glance, you will find both stone types spectacular, strong, and handy. But both are still not equal. The natural one comes out of the earth and a fake one is an outcome of product engineering from ground-up quartz, polymer resins, and additive colors.

So, don’t mix both the stones. One is an engineered slab and another one is a naturally occurring metamorphic rock which evolves over time under extreme temperature and force. It is ideal for countertop, flooring, and wall covering applications. Manmade stone is not too bad and composite countertops made of this stone possess 93% quartz. Hence, it also stands a good contender with the sturdy surface.

Quartzite for your home: A Big Yes?

We have already discussed that quartzite is tough, durable, and heat-resistant. Different varieties of quartzite sold by quartzite suppliers are similar to marble. Once you have decided to bring home this stone for garnering walls, floors, countertops, stairs, and another premise, it is high time to say a big yes to this stone with reference to the following pros:

  • Hard and durable material.
  • Resists heat and staining better than marble.
  • Easier to maintain than marble.
  • Provides a look and feel of marble.
  • Easy to clean with soap and warm water.
  • UV resistant; won’t fade or darken in direct sunlight.
  • Less costly than manmade quartz.
  • For beauty and durability; it is on a par with granite.

If you seal this stone properly, it will help you protect its surface from etching and stains. This stone is quite good for home application products.

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