Quartzite Tiles: All You Need to Know About

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Quartzite is a natural stone product coming from the womb of mother earth. A large number of people, who are not stone experts, assume that quartzite is similar to quartz. It is a decorative stone that enhances the beauty of interiors and exteriors beautifully when used in different residential and commercial construction projects. The thing that makes this stone the first choice of all is its granite-like properties and marble-like appearance. Famous for its feel and look, this stone makes a big difference to all living premises when it is used as tiles. The factor of hardness and resistance to temperatures and pressures makes these tiles ideally suitable for outdoor construction. With this content, you will read more about the colors, sizes, and features of quartzite tiles.

Quartzite wall cladding
Wall cladding H. white quartzite

Quartzite Tiles: Interesting Colors

Quartzite is a popular stone used in all parts of the world for domestic and commercial construction. People who are glued to the beauty of marble can get this affordable stone as a big replacement without adding any burden to their pockets. When it comes to choosing the best quartzite colors, nothing beats the natural tones of quartzite tiles. This stone looks superb with dark and light colors and comes in different hues such as pale reddish-brown; sunset orange tones; greyish-white; and beige, buff, yellow and grey shades. Although there are lots of colors that add more to quartzite tiles, yet the following colorful options stun all buyers. These include:

• Silver – Silver grey and silver shine quartzite
• Green – D green, Z green, H green, and ocean green quartzite
• White – Shimla white and Himachal white quartzite
• Copper – Copper quartzite
• Gold – Golden quartzite

Golden Quartzite
Golden quartzite tiles
Silver Grey Quartzite tiles
Silver grey quartzite tiles

Quartzite Tiles: Sizes and Finishes

All construction projects are not the same, so are their stone needs. That is why the size of tiles is made different to match the changing needs of construction activities. Quartzite tiles come in different shapes and sizes and are vital for making practical flooring, paving ways, roofing, and wall cladding. Buyers prefer to buy both custom and standard sizes to cater to the changing needs of their targeted audience. The following are quartzite tile sizes and finishes, primarily, available in the competitive market. Besides these sizes, buyers can ask natural stone companies for custom sizes professionally.

Quartzite tile products

• 30 x 30, 60 x 30, 60 x 60 and 60 x 90 cm with thickness 1 cm, 1.2 cm, 1.5 cm, 2 cm or 3 cm

Available quartzite finishes with edges

• Natural calibrated machine cut (MC)
• Polished calibrated machine cut (MC)
• Honed brushed calibrated machine cut (MC)
• Natural + brushed calibrated machine cut (MC)

Polished Copper Quartzite
Copper Quartzite Polished
D Yellow Quartzite
D Yellow Quartzite Tiles

Quartzite Tiles: Chemical and Physical Features

The functionality and output of quartzite tiles widely depend on the chemical and physical features of the stone. All these properties ensure that quartzite stone is highly resistant to acids, scratches, and water absorption. Be it a floor, wall, fireplace, or countertop, every space around can be garnered with this decorative tile product. Have a look at the following physical and chemical features of the stone that induce a big difference.

Physical properties 

• Compressive Strength – 90 to 140 N/mm2
• Density – 2.3 to 2.4 Kg/cm3
• Hardness – 6.5 to 7 on Moh’s Scale
• Modulus of Rupture – 16-40 N/mm2
• Porosity – Low to very low
• Water Absorption – 1.0 – 1.2 %
• Weather Impact – Resistant

Chemical properties 

• Alumina (Al2O3) – 1 to 1.5%
• Iron (Fe2O3) – 0.5%-1.5%
• Lime (CaO) – Less than 0.5%
• Loss on Ignition (LOI) – Less than 0.5%
• Magnesia (MgO) – Less than 0.5%
• SiO2 – 95-97%
• Soda (Na2O) & Potash – Less than 1%

Silver grey quartzite edges bull nose
Silver grey quartzite with bullnose edges

B2B buyers can get their choice quartzite stone products from Indian quartzite suppliers and exporters at the best price, quality, and quantity.

While buying a stone, make sure you check all ins and outs of the quartzite stone you are going to purchase.