The use of natural stone is nothing new as different types of natural stones are being used for various construction projects and paving is one of them. For example, you can easily find homeowners in the UK decorating their garden patios with sandstone paving slabs. The easy availability of sandstone in different colours and finishes make it an ideal natural choice for today’s architecture. Whether you are a natural stone importer or a homeowner looking to use sandstone in any such project, here are a few things you must know about it.

Which elements make sandstone paving so popular?

  • People adore its distinctive natural stone features because of how it looks.
  • Great selection of colours to match your garden’s aesthetic.
  • Strong and resilient; doesn’t require sealing
  • Perfect for family patios and non-slip

Sandstone Colours

Indian sandstone comes in a broad range of colours, unlike some other natural stones. The colour variations found in the strata of natural rock are reflected in the sandstone paving slabs, which range from dark greys to delicate creams, sandy beiges, and rich buff browns. Some slabs’ darker colour veins add to their unique beauty and personality.

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Sandstone Colour Diversity

Sandstone pavement has a natural colour variation. A single pack will have both brighter and darker hues because to the natural stone it is made of. While it might not be immediately apparent in direct sunshine, the colours of sandstone are richer and more vivid after rain. Sandstone paving slabs from the standard range will have more colour variance than those from the mid-range and premium levels. For rich colour consistency, more costly sandstone has been manually chosen from certain quarried seams.

Sandstone Patio Slabs

It is now possible to obtain smooth Indian sandstone paving slabs that have undergone a secondary procedure to eliminate the riven surface roughness and give it a contemporary finish as sandstone providers have responded to the desire for smooth, contemporary paving designs. They work just as well as conventional sandstone and the colour differences are stunning.

Quality of Indian Sandstone

The excellent grade of imported sandstone varies. Be cautious if you’re tempted to buy the cheapest Indian sandstone patio slabs you can locate. It could have come from quarries in India where the stone is softer and more porous since it is younger (by a few million years!) These sandstone slabs are not cost-effective.

Due to its consistently high quality, imported sandstone from Regatta is one of the only sandstones available with all crucial certifications. Their sandstone is thick, hard, and has a lower water content than the softer stone. It also requires more time to cut and prepare.

What does calibrated Indian Sandstone mean?

To ensure there are no weak places and to make installation easier, calibrated sandstone pavement that has been sawn to a consistent thickness is highly advised. Ribs run the length of the bottom of fully calibrated Indian stone flags, guaranteeing an equal thickness to a tolerance of +2mm from the specified thickness.

Sandstone with the proper calibration means:

  • Standardized pack weights
  • Simple and quick installation
  • More durable installation
  • Exceptional finish

Benefits of choosing Sandstone paving circles

Landscape design may be quickly and easily solved using sandstone paving circles. Everything you need, including a centre stone, specifically cut slabs for an inner ring, and a broader outside ring to construct a circle around 3 meters in diameter, will be included in one bundle.

Without appearing overly formal or oppressive, a flexible circular kit creates the ideal standalone patio design for a lounging area in the sun or hard standing for outdoor dining. Place them in a lawned area or place them as a stunning garden focal point that you can easily access. Additionally, an Indian Sandstone circle kit offers a lovely focal point when paving a wider area. You may purchase squaring-off kits to ensure a uniform patio design.

The Conclusion

Since the use of sandstone is quite prevalent worldwide, choosing the best quality sandstone slabs and tiles is the need of the hour. This is where Regatta Universal Exports can help you with its wider variety of sandstone paving slabs in different colours, thicknesses, and finishes.

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