Searching for Natural Stone Manufacturer? Catch the Right One Online!

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Natural stone extracted from quarries and processed at stone processing factories make its way to your home and office for residential and commercial uses. You may have a big or a small construction and décor project. If yes, you need to have a large or a small quantity of marble, sandstone, limestone, quartzite, slate, and marble. You can get any quantity from your local sellers. If local sellers fail to meet your demand, you simply need to think big. Even wholesalers, importers, retailers, architects, designers, construction companies, local agents, and sourcing companies need natural stones in bulk. Moreover, the quality, price, supply, and availability of stone may differ from country to country. That is why you require services and products a certified and professional natural stone manufacturer in India and other parts of the world. When you want stone for construction, you also need the right resources to meet your demand.

manufacturer of natural stone

Online resources for searching manufacturers of natural stone

The world has changed dramatically since the internet came into existence. Today, an internet connection to your mobile or desktop can help you find everything within seconds. For example, when you are online, you can know more about natural stones through a Wikipedia page.  There are also various online resources, such as:

  • Social media channels – Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube
  • Natural stone groups on social media
  • Stone communities on social media
  • Search engines like of Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Referrals on social media
Online resources for natural stone manufacturers

If you are interested in buying Indian stone from Indian manufacturers, you can choose various online resources that help you search out the best Indian natural stone suppliers, Indian natural stone exporters, and natural stone manufacturers in India. Just type a few keywords and make things happen in your favor.

The quality factor and natural stone manufacturer

As a buyer, you wouldn’t like to purchase from a resource that doesn’t adhere to the factor of quality. Quality also matters from place to place and processing units to processing units. A natural stone product with 100% quality is assumed as fit to use. It also matches customer expectations directly. Every manufacturer of stone products sticks to some rules and regulations set by the government, local bodies, and international agencies. If you are going to buy, you should check the quality certificates of the stone that come with all building materials, including slabs, tiles, and blocks. The quality factor for stone testing and materials are different. For example:

Quality standards for natural stone material specifications

  • ASTM C503 – Standard Specification for Marble Dimension Stone (Exterior)
  • ASTM C568 – Standard Specification for Limestone Dimension Stone
  • ASTM C615 – Standard Specification for Granite Dimension Stone
  • ASTM C616 – Standard Specification for Quartz-Based Dimension Stone
  • ASTM C629 – Standard Specification for Slate Dimension Stone
Quality standards for natural stone material

Test standards for quality natural stone

  • ASTM C120 – Standard Test Method of Flexure Testing of Slate
  • ASTM C121 – Standard Test Method for Water Absorption of Slate
  • ASTM C170 – Standard Test Method for Compressive Strength of Dimension Stone
  • ASTM C217 – Standard Test Method for Weather Resistance of Slate
  • ASTM C880 – Standard Test Method for Flexural Strength of Dimension Stone
  • ASTM C97 – Standard Test Method for Absorption and Bulk Specific Gravity of Dimension Stone
  • ASTM C99 – Standard Test Method for Modulus of Rupture of Dimension Stone

Benefits you get from the online natural stone manufacturer

 All buying needs are not the same, so are the preferences of the purchaser. Every buyer comes with a mindset and likes to have the best products without compromising on the quality factor. From checking product list to quality tests, from manufacturing to packing, and from pricing to successful delivery of final products, a customer wants satisfaction at all stages. You can count the factor of satisfaction in the form of lots of visible and invisible benefits. Check out the following benefits that a buyer is likely to expect from a stone manufacturer. These include:

  • Avail instant online price details of companies making, selling, and exporting a variety of natural stone products.
  • A fair and hassle-free customer service with 24/7 assistance.
  • Honesty, transparency, relationship, and integrity from the seller side.
  • Quality assistance at all stages of natural stone processing.
  • Availabilty of top quality stone with no defects.
  • Problem-solving attitude of the manufacturer.
  • Top deals that benefit buyers and help sellers retain customers.
Stone measuring technique

Does your online natural stone manufacturer deliver professionally?

The online world easily gives you a chance to browse a comprehensive and updated list of stone manufacturers. Just go through the list and find what suits you the best. Never judge a seller or a maker on the basis of its marble and granite products. Check its ability to deliver the best shot. Some manufacturers deal in only customized sizes. On the other hand, some of them deal in the following standard sizes:

  • Gangsaw slab: 240 x 120 cm up in 2 & 3 cm
  • Cutter slab: 120 x 60 cm up in 2 & 3 cm
  • Countertop, monuments tombstones, and vanity top: Customized sizes
  • Tiles: 30 x 30; 60 x 30; 60 x 60 with 1 cm thickness
stone manufacturing professionals

If you want to know how committed your natural stone manufacturer is, emphasize on the factors of its experience, goodwill in the market, number of customers, successful projects, international recognition, business location, professional employees, happy customers, etc. If you find all these things within a particular company or brand, it is clear that you are leading in the right direction.

Know your manufacturer with ethical sourcing concept

 There is no dearth of natural stones in India as well as the resources involved in the route of exporting and manufacturing of quarried and processed products. If you are planning to search stone suppliers in India, there are many things beyond the consideration of the geographical distribution, manufacturing, and availability of natural stones in India. You must give special attention to the concept of ethical sourcing that you can check through lots of certifications awarded and issued to the natural stone manufacturer from various agencies. These may include:

  • ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System
  • Certificate of compliance in response to ethical base code (ETI)
  • Certificate of Compliance (CE)

All these certificates show that your manufacturer is authentic and it has credibility in the competitive market. Buying a variety of natural stone from such a company will be highly beneficial to buyers of natural stone.

Some people wrongly take natural stones as natural stones for jewelry. Stone for jewelry means precious stones. Take things to the next level only when the natural stone manufacturer matches your genuine expectations.

To sum up, this content highlights all online resources that can help you find the right manufacturers of natural stone with least efforts. For product information or sales inquiry on natural stone color, price, and product, you can view our product gallery or ask a quick quote here.

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