Slate Flooring: From Low Maintenance Luxury to Practical Output

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International research made by the market researcher IndustryARC predicts that the global stone market will reach $33.28 billion by 2025. The stone market will touch this milestone after growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.55 % during 2020-2025. This growth will also boost the segment of residential and commercial flooring at the global level. Owing to an increase in urbanization and residential construction activities, there is a big demand for top quality stone flooring materials. Among different natural stone flooring options, the slate flooring matters the most with the factors of durability, hardness, and visual appearance. This content puts light upon why slate flooring gives an edge and what slate options are available in the Indian slate stone market.

Outdoor Flooring Slate Tiles
Outdoor slate flooring tiles

Unique slate flooring for aesthetics and practicality

The research report also indicates to a high market demand and stone flooring will gain from this demand. Thanks to the growth in residential construction activities in the urban areas. Being a cheaper stone, slate has an edge over other natural stone types. Moreover, there are lots of benefits that slate offer to people looking for real flooring options. These days, slate (metamorphic rock) is a popular floor type option around the world. Owing to aesthetic and practical elements, the slate stone flooring catches all eyes. The following are some points showing why slate stone is a superb choice for flooring tiles.

  • The fine-grain and rich palette of colors to accent any decor.
  • Low maintenance luxury with a dark and textured surface.
  • Colorful tile flooring choice for outdoor walkways, paths, and indoor rooms.
  • Color variety makes slate tiles ideal for rustic, contemporary, or traditional settings.
  • Slate is clean, environmentally-friendly, and non-polluting stone.
  • Mountain-born qualities offer living spaces a natural touch.
  • Slate flooring is resistant to fire as well as water.
  • Non-porous and stain-resistant for the life of a house.
  • Extremely durable and requires less maintenance.

The report also states that stone flooring market share comprises of residential applications (55%) and commercial applications (40%). A rapid growth in the activities of construction, renovation, and retrofitting has opened the way for the need for more flooring options. When it comes to looking for better and practical options, the Indian slate market makes things happen for slate enthusiasts.

Outdoor slate tiles
Multi-colored tiles for outdoor decoration

Slate flooring options in the Indian slate market

From marble to granite stone flooring and from sandstone to limestone flooring, India successfully caters to the needs of natural stone enthusiasts across the world. The findings of the report by IndustryARC has made it clear that Asia-pacific is the fastest growing market. Moreover, North-America is the largest market for flooring stone. That is why Indian natural stone suppliers and manufacturers offer a variety of Indian stone colors for floors. When it comes to buying slate flooring products from the Indian market, the following are some of the slate flooring tiles options (30×30, 40×40. 60×30, and 60×60 cm with thickness 1-1.5 cm + machine-cut edges) that B2B buyers can buy in bulk.

  • Black rustic slate – Black and grey hues with rust-like smudges and consistent texture
  • Chocolate slate – A striking blend of red and brown tones on the surface
  • Indian autumn slate – Bright red and orange spots with tones of golden, rosy, grey, and chocolate
  • Jak black slate – Dark black surface with visible lines
  • Jak multicolor slate – Rust-like patches on the surface with rich black background
  • Lilac slate – Purple, pink, grey, yellow, and red shades over the surface
  • M Green – Subtle green stone with a consistent texture
  • Multicolor peacock – Vibrant shades of buff, yellow, green, red, brown and grey-colored surface
  • Raja red slate – Beige, grey, golden, and red-colored surface
  • S. P. Autumn – Grey background with rustic brown and buff smudges
  • Vijay Gold slate – Grey, green, and gold background with pink and brown hues on the top
  • Yellow slate – Beige-colored backdrop with green and yellow tones over the surface


All these slate flooring options are easily available at a certified slate supplier in India. Interestingly, a qualified and professional slate supplier from India offers high-quality slate tiles to its targeted audience at competitive prices.


It is known that slate is a decorative tool for both commercial and residential purposes. Hence, the Indian slate market has colorful options that all B2B and B2C buyers can opt for their own residential and commercial purposes. Indian suppliers successfully deliver the stone products that ensure low maintenance luxury and impart a practical output.


                                                                                                Indoor slate flooring tiles 

indoor slate flooring

Note that some slate floor tile suppliers accept the order if buyers’ inquiry completes a particular requirement of tile products.