White marble needs no outline to express its value and utility at the global level. This unique natural stone product is famous for its glory and example in the marble industry.  All white marble buildings, including Taj Mahal, have something special that separates white structures from other different structures made of marble, granite, sandstone, etc. Like Italy, India also has some white marble quarries that produce top-quality white-hued stone. When it comes to having the whitest white or a variety of white marble tiles and slabs from India, Rajasthan marble quarries produce the Makrana marble, Albeta marble, Banswara marble, Bruno white marble, Dharmeta marble, Panda white marble, Rajnagar white, Statuario marble, and white onyx. B2B buyers can expect the availability of marble in premium, standard, and commercial qualities. Read this content and know more about all aspects of Albeta white marble.    

Albeta marble tile product
Albeta marble tiles in a white tone and unique texture

White marble from Albeta, Rajasthan

In the list of pure white marble stone products, Albeta Marble is one of the best natural stone in the world. This stone type is widely recommended for floor designs. When it comes to giving a luxurious look to domestic settings, the milky white color and a brown texture of this stone make a big difference. Originating at Makrana town in Rajasthan, India, Albeta marble product is very easy to chisel and cut. You also need not to use any chemical process for shaping the stone. In addition, this stone is also free from pinholes, color change, and shine damage. Let’s have a look at some of the interesting features of this white-colored marble stone type. These include: 

• Stone type: Marble tile, slab, and countertop
• Color: White
• Material origin: Rajasthan, North India
• Additional name: Makrana marble Albeta and Makrana Albeta white marble

• Surface description: Milky white surface with a unique texture
• Standard gangsaw slab size: 260 x 160 cm up in 2 & 3 cm
• Standard cutter slab size: 180 x 60 cm up in 2 & 3 cm
• Standard tile size: 30×30, 30×60, 60×60 cm

• Countertops and vanity tops: Custom sizes on demand
• Surface finish: Polished, brushed, bush-hammered, lepatora, honed, antique, and leather
• Edge: Machine-cut edges
• Quality: Standard, premium, and commercial

Albeta marble tile products
Albeta marble tiles in a white hue and unique texture

Chemical and physical properties of Albeta Marble

Global B2B buyers can get any quantity of Albeta marble from an ISO-certified Indian marble exporter. Available in both custom and standard sizes, this marble product can be purchased by buyers as per their changing business needs. The thing that makes this stone first choice of all is the stone inherent qualities, including a stylish appearance and heat-resistance features. When it comes to knowing about the value and utility of Albeta white marble, the following are criteria on which things can be assessed. These include:

Chemical properties

• Alumina (2-3%)
• Calcium oxide (1-2%)
• Iron oxide (5-6%)
• Magnesium oxide (34-38%)
• Silica (38-40%)

Albeta marble product
Albeta white marble tile product

Physical properties

• Compressive strength (1800-2100 kg/m3)
• Density (2.5-2.65 kg/m3)
• Hardness (3-4 on Mohs scale)
• Porosity (Low)
• Water absorption (less than 1%)
• Weather impact (fully resistant)

A professional marble stone exports white stone products to the world. The quantity of marble tiles and slabs always matters the most. So, there is a minimum order quantity related to one full container load.

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