Stone of the Month – Panda White Marble

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In the list of marble colors, both black and white colors are highly popular. A black marble countertop is no less than a white marble countertop in terms of beauty and perfection. Can you imagine a single marble stone that renders the feeling of white and black hues together? Yes, we are talking about a specific marble that mixes the magic of black and white without comprising on looks and aesthetics. It is Panda white marble that looks unique in your kitchen, bathroom, etc. It is the presence of thicker black lines that make panda white marble quite different from other typical white marble choices. Read the blog and find out detailed information on White Panda marble which is capable of rendering a very contrasting and dramatic look.

Panda White Marble Slab
Gangsaw white marble slab at Regatta natural stone factory

White panda marble – A real combination of black and white

Panda White, originated from China, is a black and white marble that catches all eyes with its free-flowing black lines. The unique charm of the stone lies in its surface that looks closer to nature around. It is the contrast of black and white colors that steals the show. This beautiful stone has a white backdrop and darker veins over the surface. It looks so classy and stylish that it would never be out of fashion. This stone is simply a classic product. Thanks to the right combination of white and black colors over the surface. 

As its name suggests, this stone has black stripes over a white backdrop. You can easily see the same color pattern on the body of Chinese national animal Panda. This marble is good for residential and commercial construction projects. Apart from wall and floor applications, this stone is useful for worktops, countertops, vanity tops, stairs, fireplaces, sculptures, furniture tops, etc. With great hardness and premium texture, Panda marble slabs and tiles have become the first choice of homeowners interested in beautifying their kitchen and baths.

Panda white marble

  • Real name: Marble Panda white
  • Additional names: Bianco Striata Marble, Moonlight Marble, equator Marmara Marble, Marmara Pijamas Marble, and Marmara Panda Marble
  • Color: white
  • Destination of origin: Rajasthan, North India
  • Edge finishes: Machine-cut
Panda White Marble
Surface description: White backdrop and broad waves of complementary black stripes

Panda white marble sizes and finishes

With white as a primary color, Panda White is one of the most sought-after marbles that one can feel, see, and experience. It comes with water absorption capacity (0.25%), stone density (2.73t/m³), and compressive strength (24.245MPa). Indian white marble market caters to the needs of global B2B buyers interested in buying white marble stone slabs, tiles, and other customized stone types.

  • Surface finishes: Sandblasted, leather, bush-hammered, lepatora, polished, honed, antique, & brushed
  • Stone sizes: Gangsaw slabs( 260 x 160 cm up in 2 & 3 cm), cutter slabs (180 x 60 cm up in 2 & 3 cm), tiles (30×30, 30×60, 60×60 cm), and countertops and vanity tops (Custom sizes).
white marble exporter
Panda white marble stairs
Full-wall marble slab
marble floor supplier

There is a long list of white marble colors, sold and supplied by marble manufacturers in India, available in the competitive market in the following quality criteria: Commercial, standard, and premium. B2B buyers can expect the availability of north and south Indian marble at marble factories. By purchasing white marble, especially White Panda Marble, B2B buyers can have a competitive edge with high-quality marble at competitive prices.

The hard and durable white stone having Panda like colors on the surface is feature-rich. It is known for its good luminosity, white backdrop, and black veins. Buying this stone product is very easy. You simply have to follow some instructions. Just go to the website of a white marble seller. Go through the web page of panda white marble and check all details like stone dimensions, applications, features, and price. Also, take help from different customer reviews displayed on the website. These things will help you make a balanced decision and get the best marble products of your choice and preferences.

In terms of appearance and surface features, Panda white marble stone is similar to Indian Albeta marble. So, welcome this stone into your kitchen and bathroom. B2B buyers can also buy the Indian version of white panda marble. There are lots of benefits of buying marble stone from India. An ISO-certified Indian marble supplier and exporter can help you get white marble in bulk and in any part of the world.  

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