The Increasing Popularity of Onyx Marble

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When it comes to awarding beauty and versatility to any space in an exciting way, marble emerges as a go-to natural stone that has been used in the construction space for several years. The reason is obvious – its beauty. Another wonderful thing about marble is that it comes in different varieties and one of them is Onyx. Due to a number of reasons, including its color, rarity, and brilliance, onyx is a well-known gemstone. It is a semi-valued natural stone which is comprised of complementing equivalent strips of color. This stone has been around in the construction industry for longer years and was majorly considered as an indicator of superior social position by even the Greeks and Romans. Onyx marble is a sparking stone and considered one of the most precious and rarest stones available today by onyx marble suppliers.

Pink onyx tile product

The magic of opacity in this marble gives it a distinctive advantage. Since this marble is more translucent than typical marble, it is largely used for creative or back-lighting applications, such as a backlit wall or surface that accentuates the patterns.

Applications of Onyx Marble

Onyx Marble can be obtained in a wide range of sizes and colors by a large number of onyx marble suppliers. There are several applications of this beautiful marble, including wall cladding. This stone has the capability to transform and add value to any both aesthetically and functionally. Its power to reflect light makes them a wonderful option for wall panelling, flooring, and worktops, rapidly lending a pinch of elegance to your home. One of the most widely preferred and innovative uses for onyx right now are table tops! A plethora of Onyx textures and patterns are available to complement the existing décor of the space.

Because of its magnificent beauty, onyx is perfect for flooring or any other use. It has a unique, recognisable design. The price of onyx stone varies according on the product’s quality and natural colour. Onyx is frequently used to make jewellery, ornaments, and other distinctive goods.

Different Types of Onyx Marble

Onyx marble is available in a range of hues and textures. It is highly sought after both in India and internationally. Among other places, you may find this magnificent stone in flooring, hotel lobbies, and shopping centers. Let’s now discuss the several varieties of onyx marble stones:

White Onyx Stone – This fabulous white stone is full of micro-crystalline quartz that can be discovered in a natural habitat. It has an arresting element due to the even spread of grey and gold-colored lines. Both residential and commercial uses are possible. However, countertops and flooring make up the majority of its uses.

Brown Onyx Marble – One of the most beautiful and charming marble stones is this stunning brown-colored brown onyx marble. Due to its distinctive design pattern, this stone always remains in demand for both indoor and outdoor architectural elements.

Blue Onyx Marble –The natural stone wears a majestic look. Its attractive constituent makes it a versatile choice for both residential and commercial applications. This stone is mechanically vigorous and features a smooth surface.

Pink Onyx Marble
Green Onyx Marble

Yellow Onyx Marble – This attractive onyx marble is a naturally occurring wonder by mother earth. Its texture is yellowish and onyx-like with a characteristic golden tinge. It is mostly used to produce unique themes and forms. It is easy to install and preserve this onyx marble.

Pink Onyx Marble – Another name for this stone are lady onyx pink marble. The white base’s veining is pink and green. This marble will enhance the appeal of both your interiors and exteriors with its charming light-colored, pinkish look.

Green Onyx Stone – The easier and plain texture of green onyx marble gives any space a hint of upscale and indulgence. The superior visual features of this stone are known to level up the architecture of your space like nothing else. The surface boasts appealing green waves on this marble. Because of its low absorption capability, it is an excellent choice for outdoor spaces.

Black Onyx Stone – Black onyx marble is a marble that can be used in a number of applications and contains a superb black color. It is mainly used for sink bases, bar tops, fireplace surrounds, and wall cladding and has a unique look and functionality.

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