Top Reasons Why Marble is an Ideal Choice for Commercial Construction

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Among various natural stones available today, marble is one stone that has no match when it comes to lending a timeless appeal to any construction. For ages, marble has been used extensively on the most remarkable structures of the world, from the iconic Taj Mahal to the Basilica of Santa Croce, Lincoln Memorial, and others. White Marble is largely considered an epitome of sophistication which tends to give a distinctive and magnificent look to any building. This might be the reason why marble remains a great choice for commercial construction projects today.

marble for commercial applications

The ancient Greeks and Romans used marble stone to build their buildings due to their artistic appeal and durability. Some of those structures are present today even after 2,000 years. This depicts how durable marble is. Apart from its strength, there are several other traits of marble that make it a great stone like wide-ranging varieties, styles, design patterns, grains, and colors.

Did you know?

Marble got its name from the Greek word “marmar” which means “to glisten”.

Sculptural Characteristics of Marble

Marble is a metamorphic rock that emerges from the transformation of limestone and several other sedimentary carbonate rocks under extreme temperature and pressure. It is different from mica or slate, in which distinctive pressure results in the planes of cleavage. Marble is non-foliated which makes it a versatile product for a wide range of applications.

The typical veins and progressions in marble color are the result of the impurities in the limestone, which shift and re-crystallize as the stone transform into marble. In commercial landscape, the term “marble” may denote different types of geologic preparations, including true calcite and dolomite marbles, along with travertine, serpentine, and hard limestone.

6 traits that make white marble and other marble stones perfect for commercial construction

1. Marble is highly durable

Among various natural stones available today, marble is known to be extremely durable. This is one big reason why it is a favorite among construction engineers and architects. There are numerous monuments all across the globe that are standing tall despite facing rough weather, high temperatures, bitter cold, and other harsh elements.

For example, look at the Taj Mahal and The Great Pyramids of Giza and see yourself how sustainable marble is. It exhibits excellent resistance to weather, climate, and erosion which makes it the best fit for both indoor and exterior applications.

2. Marble is heat and fire-resistant

Marble and granite are found to show excellent resistance to heat and fire. In modern commercial construction, marble is extensively used because it responds firmly to high temperatures.

According to experts, marble is much like a natural air conditioner as it stays cool even at high temperatures. Its use in preparing kitchen countertops and tiling is due to this reason. At a time when architects play significant importance to a building’s fire and heat resistance performance, marble gives them an upper hand.

The given image shows the thermal conductivity (K-value) and thermal resistance (R-value) values of different natural stones. A high value means that the material is more conductive, and a low value means it is more insulating.

Heat and fire resistance chart

3. Comes in a wide range of colors and patterns

The popularity of any construction material today relies on how diverse it is. Similar to granite, marble comes in a wide range of colors and patterns which is another plus factor. Some of the most demanding varieties of marble are makrana white marble, green onyx stone, green marble, golden marble, pink marble, river blue, etc.

India is known to be one of the largest stone and marble suppliers that are of high quality and available at competitive rates.

4. Marble is hypoallergenic

According to experts, the density and low porosity make marble resistant to allergens. Contrary to carpets that act as a breeding ground for dust, allergens, and animal dander, marble doesn’t let allergens thrive on its surface.

For people who are prone to allergens, marble is an excellent choice.

5. Timeless appeal

This is certainly the most interesting attribute of the white marble it maintains its natural look and touch, even after years of usage. Durability is one part but marble’s ability to withstand general wear and tear over time is another aspect that gives it an uppercut.

Whether used interiors or exteriors, marble unveils an urbane yet eternal appeal that outperforms all its counterparts.

6. Available in standard and custom dimensions

Commercial construction projects tend to be large-scale and the need for stones doesn’t restrict to a particular shape and size. This is where marble comes as a great alternative to other options. For example, if you have finalized green marble for your project and you want it in different sizes to cover the various areas of your building, it can easily be made available by leading stone and marble suppliers in India.

Some widely preferred marble stone sizes are:

  • gangsaw slabs 260 x 160 cm up in 2 & 3 cm;
  • cutter slabs 180 x 60 cm up in 2 & 3 cm;
  • Tiles 30×30, 30×60, 60×60 cm;
  • customize countertops and vanity tops

Now let’s explore some of the most widely used marble stones all across the globe.

Makrana White Marble

It is a kind of white marble and widely popular for sculpture and commercial construction applications. Its absolute white shade instills a sense of eternal bliss in any place. The stone got its name due to its origin, which is Makrana, a town in the state of Rajasthan. Some of the notable of this stone is the Taj Mahal in Agra and Victoria Memorial in Kolkata. Makrana is mainly exported to countries like the European Union, Canada, Russia, and Gulf countries.

Did you know?

The Makrana Marble is termed as a Global Heritage Stone Resource by the International Union of Geological Sciences.

Makrana marble white product
Alaska white cutter slabs 2cm

Alaska White Marble or Premium Alaska White Granite

This Indian white marble houses twirls of brown and grey colors over a white backdrop. Found in North India, Alaska White Marble is an ideal choice for both indoors and outdoors. Due to its captivating look of darker minerals on its surface, this is among the most demanding marble variant throughout the world. It can be obtained in the form of slabs, tiles, and custom-sizes.

The best part of this stone is that its design pattern makes dust and smudges less visible to onlookers.

Black Marine

For ages, black marble epitomizes sophistication and exclusivity and the white veins on the deep black surface of this marble are something that can’t be overlooked. The natural gloss finish of this marble lends a premium look to the surroundings like no other. Moreover, it is scratch-resistant which means it is less susceptible to damage.

Best suitable for restaurants, hotels, malls, airport lounges, and areas where décor style holds the distinction.

Black marine marble in antique finish
Rainforest Green Gangsaw Slab

Forest Green Marble

Primarily known for its catchy looks and durability, Forest Green Marble features erratic dark-green and brown-colored veins on a green background that leads to a fascinating and brilliant landscape. From flooring to wall cladding, backsplashes, fireplaces, countertops, fountains, and vanity tops, this green marble lends an unmatched beauty and strength to any residential or commercial space.

Once polished, the dark navies get more intense, opposing blatantly against the pale cream veins. Due to its glossy finish and premium aesthetics, it remains a foremost choice for commercial construction projects.

Fantasy Brown Marble

Also called Brown Quartzite, Fantasy Brown Marble is one of the most preferred natural stones for kitchen countertops all over the world. The dynamic gray waves and smooth swirls on its surface enable fabricators and architects to use it for making different types of flooring.

Regarding its appearance and durability, this marble is a bit ahead of typical white marble or pink marble. And its scratch-resistant features make it a winning product among various natural stones. It comes in a range of finishes like polished, honed, antique, bush-hammered, and leather which means it can be used for a wide range of construction and décor applications.

Fantasy Brown Marble

The Takeaway

There is no wonder that Marble has been in use for ages for its durability and malleability. The wide-ranging varieties, patterns, grains, and shades have unraveled limitless possibilities for its use. The beauty of marble comes with various features including easy maintenance and durability, which altogether makes it a perfect construction material for the commercial sector.