Top-selling Sandstone Block Options from North India

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Have you ever imagined why sandstone is the first choice for making strong and functional feature walls, garden landscaping, and retaining walls? It happens because sandstone is durable, performing, and faces the vagaries of extreme weather firmly. India is a land of natural stone slabs, blocks, tiles and other articles. It is Rajasthan in India where sandstone quarries cater to the exact needs of sandstone block buyers from all corners of the world. Interestingly, this stone block is acid-proof, moisture-proof, and long-lasting. This content talks about some of the hot-selling sandstone block products that B2B buyers can purchase from North India. Moreover, the content puts light on the quality factors of the stone associated as per construction projects.

Four unique sandstone block types for construction needs

Rajasthan in North India has been a great resource of natural stone materials for a number of construction projects. This is the area where sandstone is quarried from mines and processed at sandstone factories for residential and commercial purposes. Sandstone block suppliers offer high-quality block products brought from Rajasthan sandstone quarries. These blocks are used for various landscape projects and outdoor decorations. The thing that makes this stone product fit for a construction project is its great resistance to acids, alkalis, and extreme weather conditions. B2B buyers also buy these smaller or giant-sized blocks for further splitting blocks into slabs and tiles. The following are hot-selling block products that buyers can buy from North India.

Camel Dust Sandstone Block

  • Real name – Camel dust sandstone
  • Additional name – Sunset buff
  • Color – Camel dust
  • Place of origin – Rajasthan, North India
  • Surface description – Creamy yellow and dark brown surface
  • Surface finish – Unfinished and rough
  • Size – 240-300 cms length x 120-180 cms width x 45-90 cms height
Sandstone blocks for sale

Mint sandstone block

  • Real name – White mint sandstone
  • Additional name – N/A
  • Color – White
  • Place of origin – Rajasthan, North India
  • Surface description – Light brown and yellowish hues
  • Surface finish – Unfinished and rough
  • Size – 240-300 cms length x 120-180 cms width x 45-90 cms height
Mint Sandstone Blocks

Golden teakwood sandstone block

  • Real name – Golden teakwood sandstone
  • Additional name – Khatu Teak sandstone
  • Color – Gold
  • Place of origin – Rajasthan, North India
  • Surface description – Golden tone and brown-veined base
  • Surface finish – Sawn
  • Size – 4-6 ft. length x 2-3 ft. width x 2-3 ft. height
Sandstone block supplier
Teakwood sandstone block in golden color

Dholpur beige sandstone block 

  • Real name – Dholpur beige sandstone
  • Additional name – N/A
  • Color – Beige
  • Place of origin – Rajasthan, North India
  • Surface description – buff white-colored, granular surface
  • Surface finish – Natural
  • Size – 4-6 ft. length x 2-3 ft. width x 2-3 ft. height
Dholpur beige sandstone
Dholpur beige sandstone block product

Sandstone block grading as per usage

Sandstone has been a popular natural stone material for making solid monuments, landscaping stone, retaining walls, etc. With lots of colorful logs and blocks, sandstone is available in plenty in the quarries of Rajasthan in North India. Like other stone, sandstone blocks also come with a few imperfections. Actually, these imperfections decide the level of grading or quality of this stone material for different construction projects. Features like uneven colors, chipped corners, inconsistent surfaces, and tapering widths are a part and parcel of these imperfections. When it comes to choosing stone blocks on the basis of grading, the following options help you understand the stone.

Note that all logs and blocks of A, B, and C grades (teakwood, camel dust, or mint sandstone block) come in the size of 500 X 500 x 1000 mm with minimal or some imperfections.

  • A grade sandstone block – With minimal imperfections, it is used for civil retaining and commercial projects. This stone is a big fit for crafting feature walls, garden landscaping, and retaining walls.
  • B grade sandstone block – With some imperfections, this stone is ideal for commercial and civil retaining projects. This stone is useful for making outdoor walls, landscapes, and retaining walls.
  • C grade sandstone block – It also comes with a few imperfections and is ideal for making height walls and accomplishing landscaping projects.

All these stone types are widely preferred for landscaping designs and projects. In big construction projects, sandstone blocks are an important material for creating stunning landscape designs. Retaining wall sandstone blocks are also demanded big construction projects. For making seating, steps, and landscaping enhancement, sandstone logs matter the most. These days, sandstone blocks are also used in various residential projects.

Whether you are interested in having sawn sandstone blocks or sandstone building blocks from the land of Rajasthan, Indian sandstone supplier of mentioned-above four sandstone block options along with many colorful choices.