Unique Sandstone Blocks for Sale in Indian Sandstone Market

A large number of people prefer to buy big and small blocks of sandstone, as a construction material, for making stone walls and foundation stones. B2B buyers buy sandstone blocks in bulk for commercial purposes. Indian sandstone market is all geared up to cater to the varying needs of global buyers with a range of sandstone blocks for sale. Find here what options are available in the Indian market for sandstone buyers.

Sandstone block supplier
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Superb sandstone blocks with some imperfections

Termed as a decorative stone, sandstone is a superb material for commercial and residential construction projects. When it comes to making solid monuments, landscaping stone, retaining walls, and giant blocks of sandstone steal the show. With popular colors including black, brown, yellow, white, golden, green, red, pink, and grey, sandstone logs come in standard and customized options.

Rough and unfinished blocks always come with some imperfections such as chipped corners, inconsistent color, uneven surfaces, and tapering widths. These imperfections are natural and are a part of natural stones. Moreover, such imperfections make a stone product look different and eye-catching. Remember that people interested in buying sandstone blocks for sale from India can consider the following options as per their exact needs.

  • Grade A logs and blocks (500 X 500 x 1000 mm) with minimal imperfections
  • Grade B logs and blocks (500 X 500 x 1000 mm) with some imperfections
  • Grade C logs and blocks (500 X 500 x 1000 mm) with some imperfections
Red Sandstone Block
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Popular sandstone block types available in the Indian market

With characteristics such as acid-proof, moisture-proof, easy to replace, versatile, and long-lasting, sandstone is a big fit for exterior uses. When you peep into the Indian sandstone market, you find that there are lots of block varieties available at competitive prices. Be it a commercial, residential, or civil project, natural stone blocks in the form of sandstone match all expectations. B2B buyers can get in touch with sandstone sellers online or they can also visit sandstone quarries. Some sandstone suppliers also sell rough and unfinished blocks from quarries.

Buyers can opt for standard sizes or custom sizes as per their changing business needs. If homeowners show interest in buying blocks, they have to match the minimum order quantity clause. There is no dearth of natural stone supplies in India. Sandstone manufacturers and suppliers from North and South India deal in the selling and supplying of quality sandstone blocks for sale. International B2B buyers can buy the following sandstone types in bulk. These include:

  • Split and hydrasplit sandstone blocks
  • Random blast sandstone blocks and boulders

Product Specifications

  • Material – Sandstone block
  • Application/usage – Cutting into tiles and slabs
  • Color – White, yellow, dust, beige, and mint
  • Crack Resistance – Yes
  • Place of Origin – North and South India
  • Stone Form – Raw, Rough, Sawn, and Rubbing Block
  • Surface Finish – Unfinished
  • Port of exit: Cochin, Vizag, Kandla, Mundra, Tuticorin, JNPT, and Chennai

Popular size:

  • 240-300 x 120-180 and 45-90 cm
Sandstone rough blocks

Whether B2B buyers want to know more about sandstone building blocks or sandstone retaining wall costs, the Indian sandstone supplying market can get the job done. With a certified supplier of sandstone, it is quite easy to have quality-oriented sandstone blocks for sale at competitive prices.