Whether your construction project is a budgeted one or a luxurious one, marble can be included into nearly any design and make the property stand out. From using large slabs of natural stone in a space to being mindful and using it as a unique detail, this luxury material will rarely go unnoticed.

Fantasy Brown Marble countertop

Marble is found to induce senses of luxury, lavishness, and loveliness. Trends have arrived, passed, and elapsed, but marble has never mislaid its sheen.  The marvelous Taj Mahal, the primitive Greek temples, the plentiful castles, and palaces all across the globe, when we consider luxury, or when we discuss the attractiveness of ancient construction and estuaries, marble always finds a reference.

For ages, marble is one name synonymous with extravagance. It is undoubtedly nature’s best creations. The patterns, the color, the surfaces….it’s astoundingly stunning! And that’s exactly why people admire marble not just on floors, but on the walls, in the bathrooms and even kitchens. 

What is Marble?

Marble is essentially a metamorphic stone which comes up when limestone is exposed to high temperature, pressure and chemical processes that cause the stone to transform into a dovetailing structure of calcite, aragonite, and often dolomite crystals. Marble formed from extremely genuine limestone is white, but the company of other minerals, along with sand, slit, and, give it opulently diverse coloration.

Specifications of Marble Stone

Any part of home or office covered with marble is considered a safe investment that would spruce up the value of any project economically, visually, and functionally. Some of the common places where the use of marble is prevalent include:

  • Floor of the living room
  • Swimming pool
  • Bathroom
  • Façade
  • Stairs
  • Kitchen
rainforest green marble countertop
Montclair Danby marble from US

Why marble is considered the most preferred choice in modern architecture?

There are lots of reasons that make marble a distinctive edge over other natural stones like:

> Marbles are inherently resistance to wear and tear- Marbles are found to be inherently resilient to stains and common scratches. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t need any kind of maintenance. They require good handling to keep up their beauty.

> Marbles are hypoallergenic- Folks who are allergic to dust and face trouble breathing due to carpets, can find true respite by installing marbles. Marble does not promote the growth of allergens, bacteria, mold, or fungus.

> Lends tremendous value to a property – Faux wood sheds its beauty even after a few months of usage. However, marble is eternal and a few makeovers can make it as perfect as new even years after its application. This immensely adds to the resale value of the property.

Popular marble variants the redefine architectural beauty

Alaska White Marble

Alaska White Marble Slab

Alaska White is an unspoiled and stylish granite. Also known as Ice Brown Marble or Alaskan White Marble, this marble boasts of an off-white background with black and grey veins crisscrossing each other in a distinctive fashion. Its subtle design make an easy match for any kitchen countertop, vanity tops, fireplace surroundings, backsplash, or other areas.

This marble is found to match well with dark or light color cabinets. Sourced from North India, it is one of the widely exported marble variant from India.

Forest Green Marble

Featuring a distinctive nature-inspired color and design pattern, forest green marble is one of the popular marble stones in India and abroad. It is also known by the name of Gautemala marble.

This marble has an extremely thick forest pattern, which tends to inspire the imagination of the viewers instantly. The impression of forest emerges thanks to its mild green base, and umpteen number of tiny veins, along with boxes, that cross each other.

Bruno White Marble

Besides its stunning aesthetic properties, Bruno White marble has one big advantage. Though this white marble is very strong and doesn’t get chipped or etched easily, this marble’s light to dark grey veining theme feasibly masks minor chip and etches; contrary to various dark-color marbles and other natural stones.

Quarried from North India, Bruno White Marble exhibits several streaks of light and dark grey color over a pure white base. It is a great choice for countertops, steps and risers, and flooring. This popular Indian granite can be obtained in multiple finishes like Brushes, Lepatora, Polished, Honed, Leathered, and Bush-hammered.

Rain Forest Green Marble

Also called Bidasar Green marble, Rain Forest Green marble is sourced from the state of Rajasthan in North India. This marble is primarily admired for its great visuals along with durability. The dark brown veins that randomly scatter all across over a green backdrop give this beautiful marble an imprint of a dense teak forest; hence derived the name, Rain Forest Green.

Strong, good-looking when polished thanks to its diversity, color richness and natural texture. Due to these qualities, this marble remains a hot favorite material among decorators and architects. In areas like living room and bedrooms, this marble ups the luxury quotient like no other.

Indian Statuario Marble

statuario marble

Primarily known for its regular surface texture and visual appeal, Statuario Marble is a great marble choice for a large number of building construction applications. Thanks to its unmatched hardness, durability, hardness, and weather-resistant qualities, it is widely used in flooring, kitchen countertops, monuments, pool coping, window sills, and sinks.

Mined in North India, this classy marble can be obtained in both standard and custom sizes given the exact needs of the application. Be it a residential application or a commercial one, this marble exhibits superb performance in an effective and sustainable fashion.

This list doesn’t end here are there are lots of other Indian marble variants that allow homeowners, architects, and decorators to redefine their luxury quotient like no other. Marble never seems to go out of fashion and it always runs parallel to luxury.

Be it a home, hotel, office, shopping complex, mall, hospitals, metro station, stairs, or any other construction project, marble emerges as the finest choice due to its high level of beauty, sophistication, versatility, and sturdiness.

Though marble can be sourced from different parts of the globe, India is known to be a hotbed of finest quality marble and that too in diverse colors and patterns. There are many Indian marble suppliers that provide high-quality stone products at the most competitive rates. The eternal veins and distinctive shades have gotten marble become a common fitting for design-concerned buyers, discharging a sense of modern elegance that is soaked in history. This emphasis on design that is tough, gorgeous and characteristic is coordinated by Regatta Universal Exports; delivering world-class stone products that are both practical yet arresting.

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