White marble: A magnum opus to create a wonderful experience

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Marble needs no introduction; it has been around us for centuries. It is common to see a variety of marble products garnered in churches, historical buildings, old-world palaces, homes, monuments, and modern concrete structures. From a white marble rock to a slab and from a white marble tile to a countertop, a natural stone product in the form of marble takes various shapes before it reaches your doorsteps. The global marble market has lots of colorful alternatives. You can choose the right color that suits your choice and preferences. Every color conveys a specific meaning, but white marble stuns you every time you take a glimpse on it. Before you stumbled upon any conclusion, you better have a close look at this stone why it has been a magnum opus for crafting a wonderful experience for many decades.

White marble quarry

Marble, marble everywhere!

When we talk about white as a color, the very first thing that strikes our mind is a feel-good factor. It is an innately positive color that represents an element of purity, innocence, cleanliness, spirituality, protection, light, goodness, brilliance, illumination, softness, and perfection. When this color is used for domestic and commercial marble, it creates a soothing effect. It is a regal hue and associated with historic and religious concrete structures.

When it comes to searching famous white structures made of marble around the world, Lincoln Memorial, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Taj Mahal, Washington Monument, Pantheon and The Duomo of Florence catch all eyes. All of us know that Taj Mahal is one of the “Seven Wonders of the World” and the superb examples of marble-based architecture. Thanks to white marble in a unique hue produced from and processed at the Makrana region of Rajasthan. In terms of variety and quality, white marble promises a magnum opus. Be it Italy, India, the United States, or Brazil there is no dearth of white marble quarries where stone engineers extract marble rocks and boulders. Then, the extracted material is transported to stone processing units where slabs, tiles, and ornamental articles are shaped.

Lincoln Memorial and Taj Mahal image

White marble: King of all marbles

Among various natural stones, marble comes in an assortment of colors and is considered an ideal choice for highlighting all sorts of décor at home or office. Moreover, the vein patterns and grain differs many marble types from one another. With so many options to choose from, it is always hard for marble lovers to stick to a particular color. With the huge popularity of black, white, or green marble, white marble makes a big difference for new construction and renovation projects.

Elegance: Natural defects are the best example of an artistic caliber, not an engineered flaw. It is a perfect mix of veins, lines, colorful shades and surface variety on the surface of the white marble that declares the stone a clear-cut winner.
The range of colors: The array of hues is concerned with the presence of light to dark grey shades on the surface of the white stone. Moreover, having a white background with irregular waves in multiple hues gives the white product an edge.
Durability: The unusual resistance and trouble-free maintenance make the white marble an ideal choice for living areas. With a high gloss and non-skid feature, white marble can be extremely adaptable to various decor styles.
Versatility: Be it a wall or a floor, white marble matches well with different colors and surroundings. No other marble stone has the same ability as black marble possesses. It will be great if you can make a perfect balance between the setting of white and other hues in a perfect manner.
Light reflection: Interestingly, white marble is a timeless material that renders marble lovers a feeling of spaciousness. In addition, it makes small spaces seem bigger. White marble is simply a great resource to amplify visual sensation and enhance the substantial features of the marble.

Like all other marble colors, white marble is durable, beautiful, long-lasting. Plus, it matches well to the beauty of the surroundings in an effective manner. When you choose white marble for re-defining lifestyle, top marble manufacturers and exporters promise you delivery of high-quality white marble tiles, slabs, and countertops.

White marble product

Things to consider while picking out a white marble

White marble simply adds sophistication to a kitchen or an artistic flair. It candidly creates distinctive mosaic patterns on floors and walls. If you are planning to add a timeless visual impact at your home and choose white marble for home, you better consider the following points for a perfect outcome:
Estimate your needs first and take correct measurements of the place.

  • Check natural defects and production defects in the marble product.
  • Visit only authorized marble dealers, exporters, and manufacturers.
  • Check the physical and chemical properties of the stone before making a purchase.
  • Check all ins and outs of the stone with a lab report issued by marble manufacturer.
  • Marble installation doesn’t happen daily. So, purchase quality products only.
  • Don’t compromise with the quality at any cost.
  • Make a price comparison before making a payment.

Remember that white marble from India is the best to some extent. When you have to generate a unique experience in your mind through architectural excellence, Markana white marble makes things happen in your favor.

White marble cutter slab product

The contribution of marble exporters to the marble industry

For the last 20 years, bonafide marble exporters and suppliers in India have been involved in the process of white marble export, supply, and manufacturing. With many natural stone processing units in North India and South India, a universally-recognized the natural stone company processes rough block and gangsaw slabs into exceptional quality marble products. Such a company exports tons of high-quality marble to the Western world and foreign clients in almost all corners of the world.

With the concept of the customer first, the white marble exporter from India gives priority to a satisfying consumer experience. The company never compromises on marble quality defined in its pattern, size, design, and structure. When you think of white marble, Regatta offers a competitive price tag that is hard to beat, especially when you think of a magnum opus to make a superb experience.
Regatta’s hot-selling white marbles: Unique Bruno white marble and white onyx.

bruno white and white onyx marble products

Therefore, it is wise to conclude that white marble is a one of a kind stone that delivers all concrete structures an elegant, timeless and truly mesmerizing glimpse. It can be used for a variety of purposes as it is multi-functional and a symbol of refined taste. Before making a purchase, make sure you count your chicken before hatch so that your decision emerges as a unanimous choice for chiseling architectural masterpieces.

Hope, this content will help you know how to create a wonderful architectural excellence with white marble. For product information or sales inquiry on white marble price, and product, you can view our product gallery or ask for a quick quote here.

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