White Quartzite: A perfect Alternative to Sassy White Marble

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Looking for a natural stone that can give you a feeling of marble without adding more burden to your pocket? If yes, a quartzite stone product ends your search. This stone brings you the practicality of granite and the beauty of marble altogether. When processed at a stone processing unit with special finishes, white quartzite resembles well with the appearance of marble.

White Onyx Marble
White Onyx Marble
S White Quartzite Tiles
S White Quartzite

Can you imagine the world’s biggest marble wonder Taj Mahal made of white quartzite? It obviously looks weird thinking so. White marble is quite popular globally for its shine, look, and performance. Alas! White marble is not hard and also out of the reach of customers having a tight budget. When it is hard to make many other Taj Mahal like buildings, it is a white quartzite that makes up things and gives an edge. Among all popular colors, white always wins the race and emerges as the first choice of all due to its magic and allure.

If you are looking for better and practical marble countertop alternatives, then quartzite can be a surprise element for many kitchens, baths and living rooms as a decorative stone. From flooring to stairways and from fireplaces to mantels, white quartzite renders a number of advantages. With the content, all readers will know more about white-hued quartzite preference over marble and its availability status in the Indian natural stone market.

Why White Quartzite over Costly Marble?

Have you ever imagined what makes quartzite special over other costly stone types? There are lots of unique features and benefits make things in the favor of the natural stone. A natural rock originates as sandstone and transforms into a new form: quartzite. The natural process makes the stone harder and dense. Apart from the factor of hardness over marble and granite, quartzite stone also catches all eyes owing to its real allure called beauty. The lovely natural veining swirls of gray and white displayed over the surface of the stone simply steals the show.

Quartzite over marble: Durability + functionality + Cost-savings

S White Quartzite Tile

A white veiny quartzite also looks like different white granite products. You better go in for soft quartzite as it has a similar appearance and characteristic to calcite-based marbles. Interestingly, soft quartzite in the white hue is harder. That is why it is quite suitable for high-traffic applications. Following are some of the prominent reasons why quartzite should be preferred over marble stone:

  • Formed from sandstone
  • Uniqueness and versatility
  • Strong, abrasion-resistant, and durable
  • Combination of natural veining patterns
  • Strength and durability qualities
  • Less costly than marble
  • Higher on Mohs scale (7) than marble (3)
  • Complements a variety of styles

These attributes noticeably increase its applications as a natural stone and elucidate the dramatic rise in the admiration of the stone.

White Quartzite Options Available in the Indian market

India is a big natural stone hub and caters to the genuine needs of all B2B buyers across the world. There are a lot of quartzite quarries in India where blocks are extracted and then sent to factories for further processing. When it comes to finding an alternative of costly marble, soft quartzite in white color can be a fit for bathroom vanities and kitchen countertops. If you can keep your soft quartzite maintained, you will definitely get a feeling of pristine touch. As far as the Indian market for white quartzite stone is concerned, the following are the most pertaining options:

H White quartzite: It is a grayish-white quartzite without much color variation. This stone product is ideal for flooring and roofing applications. The unique finish and texture of this stone make it the first choice of architects.

S White quartzite: This white-hued comes with a grained textured surface. With features of fire-proof and frost-resistant properties, this quartzite looks superb in appearance. That is why it is perfect construction material for wall cladding and flooring applications.

  • Available quartzite tile product sizes: 30 x 30 and 60 x 30 cm with width thickness 1 cm, 1.2 cm, 1.5 cm, or 3 cm
  • Available quartzite finishes with edges: Natural calibrated machine cut (MC), Polished calibrated machine cut (MC), and Natural + brushed calibrated machine cut (MC)

Regatta Universal Exports is an ISO-certified quartzite supplier, manufacturer, and exporter from India, offering a big range of white quartzite tiles for all sorts of construction projects.