Why quartzite is still a popular trend in the world of architecture?

December 2, 2022 Admin

The gorgeous quartzite, which is frequently mistaken for marble stone, is a wonderful décor element for your house’s interiors since it quickly increases both the style and usefulness of your property. Quartzite stone has recently gained enormous appeal in the design sector due to its unmatched beauty and amazing properties.

Given the ever-evolving, contemporary design aesthetics loved by aesthete homeowners and skilled house designers, drifts in the natural stone business fluctuate and change regularly in the worlds of architecture and interior design.

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But it has turned out that quartzite is the stone that will never go out of fashion. Aesthete homeowners nowadays, with a great perception of fashion and a deep interest in present-day interiors, choose quartzite countertops, quartzite accent walls, and other applications in their abodes. While choosing the best marble for your home may be your first option considering its timeless beauty, Seems impossible to believe. Here are a few justifications as to why this natural stone is prized among millions and will continue to be fashionable for years.

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Its resemblance to marble

While quartzite is more popular due to its ageless charm, marble carries some disadvantages. Given their similar appearance, quartzite and marble can be substituted with ease to add a gorgeous piece of nature’s beauty to your house. Particularly white quartzite has an uncanny resemblance to white marble despite being significantly more durable.

Amazing Durability

According to one of the leading quartzite exporters, “Quartzite is one of the strongest natural stones in the world.” In fact, despite granite’s well-known reputation for strength and toughness, it is more durable. Along with being more resilient than other different natural stones like granite and marble, quartzite is also denser and less porous.

Unmatched resistance

It turns out that quartzite is acid resistant, turning it impossible for citrus fruits like oranges and lemons as well as typical household acidic cleansers to scratch its surfaces. Calcium makes up the majority of what makes up marble but appears to be deficient in quartzite. Additionally, your stone will stay stain-free for years if the surface is sealed. This natural stone is ideal for countertops because it has chemical, stain, and abrasion resistance qualities that are comparable to those of synthetic porcelain.

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No heavy maintenance

A low-maintenance stone for kitchen countertops is quartzite. Quartzite surfaces come in a variety of shapes and porosity levels, but overall maintenance is still less than for almost any other natural stone surface. To keep a quartzite surface in good condition, keep in mind to use a pH-balanced soap to clean the surface to prevent harming the finish.

Cost effective

Even while quartzite is more expensive than other natural stones, it is still less expensive than the cost of some traditional Italian marble stones. Numerous quartzite exporters in India make it simple to choose stones that are perfect for your needs in terms of price and style.

Silver Grey Wall Cladding Quartzite

Wider color choices

Quartzite has a wide range of color options, but for logical reasons fewer than those offered by man-made materials. The exotic stone quartzite is well-known for being one-of-a-kind and providing unmatched charm. Have you developed a passion for quartzite but want to also bring color into your home? Not to worry! If you browse the market, you could find quartzite in neutral hues like white or cream, but Regatta Universal Exports offers a large selection of quartzite hues including grey, pink, and green that are acquired from all over the world. This demonstrates that Regatta Universal Exports, while regarded as one of the most reliable natural stone exporters in India, also ranks among the greatest suppliers of the most distinctive natural stones on the market right now.

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