For ages, marble stone has been used as the first and foremost choice for both residential and commercial architectural projects. The reasons are obvious – amazing strength and great aesthetics. There are many benefits of using marble in construction that make it a leading choice among construction contractors, builders, architects, homeowners and others. Marble is majorly used in American, Asian, and European architecture and construction.

White Marble Vanitytop

One great benefits of choosing marble for construction is that it comes in wide-ranging colors like white, black, cream, pink, brown, golden, and green. This means it becomes easier for the builders to choose the best matching marble stone for their project specifications. Despite being available in many colors, white marble always remains the most sought-after choice for any construction project anywhere in the world.

White marble appears amazingly refreshing and it possesses the power to endorse and stimulate meticulousness and pureness. When included in any structure, it is meant to promote ample space and light, making the entire area look sprightlier.

This color of marble is primarily used in small, restricted, and narrowed spaces such as washrooms, kitchens, storage rooms, and even outdoors. It can be feasibly shared with other color differences, such as black, to deliver extremely modified, tailored, and distinctive interior design solutions. It is pretty much common to spot white marble countertops, white marble tiles in homes and commercial places.

Some of the popular white marble choices globally are:

Alaska White Marble
Banswara White Marble
Statuario Marble
Statuario Marble
Rajnagar White Marble

Now, let’s look at various applications of white marble.

White Marble Flooring

Panda White Marble Floor

White marble flooring in commercial places makes the space look roomy, cheerful, and lends a sense of tranquility. Moreover, marble floors for kitchen and bath have long since been a staple of fine homes.

Homeowners and designers have come to recognize that large expanses emphasize the smooth, clean appearance of the stone and are an excellent way to capitalize on its beauty.

The white stone is also a pleasantly cool option for flooring – a quality valued in hotter climates like India. The material choice for flooring can significantly affect keeping your space more comfortable with natural means.

White Marble Countertops

Panda White Marble Countertop

Kitchens are always special in any building. A majority of builders persuade homeowners to control the application of white marble in low-traffic zones, such as chair rails, sideboards, perhaps a bathroom vanity primarily, due to the fact that the scratch- and stain-prone attitude of this leading natural stone makes it look irrational for such an application. This is ill-fated because the melodramatic strains and swirls of marble are fabulously displayed in big surfaces like kitchen countertops and backsplashes.

In recent times, white marble countertops are pretty much common in mid-level and high-end construction projects due to their natural tendency to highlight space and shine in the area.

White Marble Stairs

Panda White Marble Stairs

White marble is a great choice for stairs too. The stone lends unmatched elegance, improvement, and sturdiness. They can be imprinted into different shapes to create a nice looking staircase. There are different types of white marble available in the market that can be used for applications in the staircase.

Be it a residential project or a commercial one, white marble stairs perform pretty well in diverse conditions for longer periods of time. These white marble tiles are easy to clean, however, they require regular cleaning to maintain their sheen and quality.

White Marble Shower Walls

While almost everyone admires the loveliness of marble, many don’t think about installing it in their bathrooms due to the high porosity of this natural stone. In some regions, hard water can rapidly cause stains on white marble tiles and slabs, but this can be feasibly averted by taking proper care and maintenance.

Be your style is characteristic or modern, pastoral or sleek, white marble will look awesome in a bathroom. If the bathroom has natural or laminate wood inflections, it is recommended to choose white marble tiles with a brushed finish. And, if there are chrome or brushed steel fittings, polished marble will be an ideal choice for countertops, tub environs, and shower walls.

Marble bathrooms tend to catch the eyeballs of architectural beauty admirers, particularly if they find yours is one of the rare properties in the locality that has this decoration. A better property value leads to equity, which in turn ensures a more lucrative resale value and makes it simpler to refinance a running mortgage.

White Marble Facades

The facade of a property is to control the exchanges of heat, light, and air between the internal and the external setting. To make this exchange more practical and to ensure maximum energy savings, ventilated facades can be created, capable of assuring best performance both during summer and winter, thanks to white marble.

Curtain walls made of white marble are considered the best solution to get an elegant and absolutely best quality coating in terms of energy-saving and beauty, as well as ensuring a string of supreme benefits.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the popular white marble variants:

Popular white marble variants from India 

Makrana White Marble

Makrana White Marble Cutter Slab

Given its crystallized looks and fine texture, Makrana white marble is known to have no variation. Due to this exceptional quality, this stone product boasts a distinctive look and appearance that is resentful. If you are looking for a great white marble with no variation, it is Makrana white marble stone product that outperforms other options amazingly. Treated at Rajasthan marble manufacturing units, this marble feature a unique look. The Makrana marble product has almost zero variation. Its major physical and chemical features are compressive strength (157.0 MPa), density (2560 kg/m3), flexural strength (14.2 MPa), and water absorption (0.62% mass). 

Bruno White Marble

Polished Bruno White Marble Slab

A popular white marble from India! Sourced from both North India and South India, Bruno White Marble features a pure white base with various grey-color streaks running all over it. Due to its classy look and durability, it emerges as the foremost choice for a range of applications like countertops, staircase, vanity tops, sinks, fireplaces, mosaics, and balustrades, etc.

Alaska White Marble

Alaska White Marble Slab

Boasting a white background and a combination of brown, frosty white, and grey colored patches, Alaska White Marble is a very popular white marble. Due to its superb physical and chemical properties, this marble stone lends unmatched strength, performance, and natural sheen.

Quarried from North India, this white marble is an ideal choice for applications like kitchen tops, countertops, mosaics, stairs, flooring, fountains, swimming pool & wall coping.

Though white is a neutral shade, white marble remains the first and foremost choice of builders when it comes to giving an astonishing visual appeal to any space. For both residential and commercial projects, white marble tops the chart due to its visual appeal and functional supremacy.

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