Peep Into The World Of Stones

Stones seem to be lifeless but give life to any home, commercial building, offices, etc. Stones have been successful in enhancing the beauty of the timeless monuments, buildings, parks, residential and commercial buildings from ages. India has been popular for its diversity for all these years and continues the same legacy of diversity in case […]

Marvelous Sandstones

There would have been no houses, no commercial buildings, parks roads, or pavements if there were no stones. How hollow it would have been, have you ever imagined? Hence, we are fortunate enough that we are blessed with all the natural things around us and sand stone is one of the essential ones. This precious […]

Facts About Marbles

It’s been more than a decade for Regatta Universal Exports in carrying out the legacy of producing and exporting natural stones across the globe. After seeing and observing every natural stone from so close, the organization takes an initiative of discussing some facts about marbles. Everyone is aware that marble is a metamorphic rock, but […]