Care & Maintenance of Pavers

Pavers are an important component of exterior designing and architecture. A paver is generally a tile, paving stone, flagstone or concrete bricks used for outdoor flooring. Out of all the materials used for paving, natural stone pavers are the most popular ones, both for landscaping and exterior designing. Sandstone, limestone, and slate are common paving stones […]

Common Natural Stone Myths

Natural Stones are one of the most popular materials for interior and exterior designing all over the world. Be it granite, marble, sandstone, slate, quartzite or limestone, every natural stone is unique in itself with respect to design patterns and beautiful shades that they exhibit. The exclusivity of natural stones lies in the fact that […]

An Ultimate Guide to Quartzite

Quartzite is a metamorphic rock and formed from pure quartz sandstone through heating and pressure. Pure quartzite stone occurs in grey to white tones, but due to varying amounts of iron oxides (Fe2O3), it is also found in different shades of pink and red. Apart from Fe2O3, other mineral impurities can impart other colors to […]

Popular Kitchen Countertop Materials

Countertops are actually the center of all sorts of kitchen activities. From being the base for chopping, cutting and kneading to bearing weights of kitchen appliances and utensils, a countertop is the most functional spot in the kitchen. Major factors that decide the selection of material for stone kitchen countertops are – functionality of the […]

Five Most-Common Mistakes People Make While Cleaning Natural Stone Surfaces

Natural stones have a long history of being used as a prominent construction material. Even today, they are generously used in numerous interior/exterior decoration and landscape designing projects, such as natural stone floor tiles, across the globe. A variety of stones like granite, marble, slate, and sandstone exists in numerous shades and design patterns that complement […]

Paving Applications of Sandstone

Unquestionably, sandstone is the most preferred natural stone for paving applications all across the globe. Sedimentary in origin, sandstone exists in numerous shades and color palettes that are simply treat to eyes. Though sandstone paving is fairly used for interior decoration and architectural designing, its outdoor applications are way more when compared to the interior […]

Beautifying the Garden with Sandstone

“Durable” and “versatile” are the two words that aptly describe sandstone. Basically a sedimentary rock, sandstone is a prominent construction material that is globally used for landscaping as well as interior and exterior designing and decoration. The versatility of this natural stone can be attributed to its occurrence in a plethora of colors and its […]

Popular Sandstone Finishes

Basically a sedimentary rock, sandstone consists of extremely small-size minerals and grain particles. Its major constituents are quartz and feldspar that are also the most abundant minerals in the Earth’s crust. It exists in a range of colors, due to varying quantities of impurities; but most popular sand stone shades include grey, tan, pink, yellow, […]