Tiles30x30, 60x30 CM
Thickness2.5-3.5 CM

Flagstone (Crazy Stone) Articles for Decor Purpose

Crazy paving stone or flagstone refers to the arrangement of natural stones or concrete slabs in such a way that it appears like a shattered slab adhered to a mocking surface. The idea may sound funny to use shattered slabs, which is generally considered a waste product, but when it is properly laid it could definitely add a stunning appearance in landscape, garden, backyards and front yards. Crazy paving stones’ patterns can also add a sizzling touch indoors if laid with the proper combination of naturally occurring stones.

  • Size: 30×30, 60×30, and 2.5-3.5 cms
  • Finish: Natural

The natural colors and textures found on the crazy pavement or flagstone can be enhanced with decorative lighting to add a luxurious touch in residence and corporate houses. These are generally laid using natural stones that are non-rectangular in shape adhered to a mesh background to give a seamless finish.

Generally, these are laid on a cemented bed to enhance the strong adherence of even the small pieces to the paving surface. The shattered surfaces are either joint by natural methods, allowing grass and small plants to grow between them or more commonly by cement mortars to give an even look. Another advantage of crazy pavements is that it is comparatively cheaper than uniform pavements. Such laying of the stones offers a visual treat if laid on pavements, gardens and small areas to dine with family outside the house or in the portico.

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