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Fountains have always stayed as an integral part of the interior and decoration from age old days. It is a small ordinary ornamental stone with a little water based or an artificial waterfall. Fountains add a tinge of elegance and compliment other decors. This remarkable application in landscape architecture is often called by names such as fountains, pools, cascades, waterfalls, and streams, and so on.

Any home can be transformed into a style icon by installing Fountains ranging from contemporary stainless steel designs to traditional ones, which are self-contained, easy to install, and they actually require very little maintenance. Garden fountains made from stone or rock will definitely add a traditional touch to your garden and transforms the way it looks. They also can be an excellent source of water for birds in the hot weather. When their placement is indoors, it helps in circulating cool air and will draw attention from all of your visitors for its antique touch.

Regatta Universal Exports has more than hundreds of collection of fountains that can enhance the glamour of the office or home instantly. The company manufactures premium quality fountains using the best Sandstone found in Indian quarries.

Exporters of Sandstone fountains in India offer competitive rates to international customers. The most common type of stone fountains gaining increasing momentum in both residential areas and commercial places is Sandstone fountains which give a completely contemporary look with bright and variant LED lights installed at the base of the fountains.

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