Restoring the Slate Tile Flooring

Basically a metamorphic rock, slate is a natural stone, which is extensively used in the construction industry and architectural designing all over the world. slate flooring, roofing, and wall cladding are its most common applications as dimension stone. India is a major producer and supplier of slate in different colors like black, pink, red, gold, […]

Repairing Marble Floor Chips and Cracks

Marble is a globally preferred construction and interior designing material and known to be used for ages. Extensive use of marble in numerous edifices, monuments, and historical buildings worldwide testifies its popularity in almost every phase of history. Incidentally, marble tiles are relatively a porous and soft stone and may get damaged if not handled properly. […]

Slate Roof Maintenance

Roofing is one of the most preferred applications of slate across the globe. Nevertheless, wall cladding and flooring are its other major applications that are also very popular across the globe. Indian has large deposits of export-quality slate and nothing can be better than contacting the 20-year-old Regatta Universal Exports for all your slate-based roofing, […]

Reinforcing Sandstone Walls

Sandstone is not the just a popular construction or architectural designing material, but a highly versatile natural stone when it comes to interior applications. Mostly used in exterior designing, sandstone is used to make pavements, walkways, decorative articles, statutes and as feature walls and exterior wall covering. A sandstone wall is quite strong and functional. […]

Tips to Maintain Sandstone Fireplaces

A sandstone fireplace is an amazing addition to your interior space. Whether it is a contemporary or classic setting, sandstone fireplace can be effectively used in both the decors in various colors, designs, finishes, and styles. Though natural sandstone is mostly used for outdoor applications as pavers, stepping stones, and ornamental articles, it is still […]

Refinishing Marble Tiles

Marble tiles are a great material to decorate any home and can be tastefully used to adorn your interior spaces like bathrooms, kitchens and living spaces. It is a durable natural stone and can last for decades after installation with proper care and maintenance. It requires cleaning as well as buffing on a regular basis, […]