Natural marble: A Clear Winner over Faux Marble

There has been an argument of superiority between the natural marble and faux marble stone for many years. Both stone types have their pros and cons. Natural marble boasts of the factors of durability and qualitative perfection. On the contrary, faux marble is favored due to its glossy looks and lower costs. Every buyer has […]

Decorative Stones for Outdoor and Landscaping Projects

There are lots of landscaping products available in the market that help you create a perfect garden hardscape and home landscape. From decorative garden stones to decorative pebbles, there is long a list of stone products that can add more variety to indoor and outdoor decoration efforts. When it comes to embellishing outside decoration with […]

How a Natural Slate Company Caters to Needs of B2B Buyers?

Business-to-business slate stone purchasing is quite different from business-to-customer slatestone purchasing as B2B buyers have a different need. B2B buyers always find it hard to reach the right slate stone manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers. Buyers come with different needs and expectations regarding the price, quality, and delivery of products. A qualified slate company offers candid […]