Sandstone has been a popular construction material for making floors, landscapes, and courtyards. People like sandstone in their outdoor premises as the oldest paving material. Derived from the English word “cob,” cobble stands for something round or lumpy. When it comes to having a vivid look on outdoor floors or paving space, cobblestone makes a big difference with its chemical and physical properties. This content lets you know about a courtyard construction project accomplished with autumn brown sandstone cobbles. Find here, how Regatta Universal Exports (RUE) helped its Qatar client accomplish the project with the best quality stone.

Autumn Brown Sandstone
Autumn Brown cobble stone in the size of 14x14x3-4

Autumn Brown Sandstone Courtyard Project in Qatar

Sandstone matters the most in multiple sizes and patterns. When it comes to sticking to a particular sandstone product with specific hues and tones, autumn brown sandstone entices all with its dark and light brown colors. Here, you will find details of a case study of a courtyard construction project in Qatar with autumn brown sandstone cobbles.

Client needs

The client was looking for a sandstone product that is known for its natural hardness, strength, and weather-resistant features. With lots of sandstone choices, Regatta Universal Exports offered the client multi-colored sandstone cobbles. The client came to RUE and asked for a sandstone solution for a courtyard construction project. The client asked for a big quantity of sandstone cobbles for its project.


Quality stone, accurate sizes, and delivery of stone at a short notice were the biggest challenges. The sandstone company offered the client samples and details of production. The client demanded multiple sizes for the courtyard at a short notice. The company offered direct reports to the client from its production unit.


RUE, the 21-years-old Indian sandstone company, owns a natural stone processing unit in North India that helped it fulfill the order of the Qatar client in a fixed amount of time. It offered the client custom size cobbles of autumn brown sandstone for the ongoing construction project. The client asked for custom sizes and patterns at competitive prices. RUE matched the expectations of the client by offering the right stone, best price, timely delivery, and quality products that the client has asked for. Simply go through the following images shared by the happy B2B client.

Autumn Brown Sandstone Courtyard Project
Autumn Brown Sandstone Courtyard Project

Introduction to autumn brown sandstone

• Color: Brown
• Material origin: Rajasthan, North India
• Additional name: Brown sandstone
• Stone type: Natural stone
• Cobble size: Multiple
• Nature of the stone: Durable, hardwearing, and quick-drying
• Surface description: Creamy brown natural stone with a mix of dark and light brown tones with touches of plum and grey hues.

People who are not stone experts find it hard to differentiate among the cobble, pebble, and granule. Remember that the standard size of cobbles is 14 x 14 x 4-6 cm. Pebbles come in the size of 64-256 mm and granules in the size of 2-3mm. B2B buyers from any part of the world can ask RUE for customized solutions as per their changing needs. Buyers can opt for a round, oval, rectangle, square, or octagonal. Autumn brown sand stone is tough and skid-free. Hence, it offers 100% protection to pedestrians in any big courtyard.

Like brown, sandstone cobbles also come in different colors, including green, terra cotta, tan, pink, red, grey, black, yellow, and many more. As far as the available patterns of the sandstone cobbles are concerned, they include running bond, circle fan, herringbone, and basket weave.

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