Be it any kind of residential project, walls always deserve special treatment due to the significant portion of space they take up. This makes it necessary for architects to adorn them in a way like no other. Though there are lots of options available in the construction industry there, the charm of natural stone wall panels had never faded. Be it a modern home or a countryside one, ledgestone wall panels are always a favorite choice among homeowners, architects, and others.

Natural stones can lend grace and beauty to shallow regions, giving them a feeling of refinement. The top natural stone exporters and manufacturers provide a wide range of exquisite and luxurious elevation tile patterns that add a touch of class to home exteriors. Explore their tile assortment to get something that can easily complement the overall décor and design plan of your house. It must also mix in with the surrounding environment.

When it comes to realizing an architectural vision, ledgestone wall panels allow architects to give a distinctive and dynamic character to any space. There are lots of ways one can create a statement using elements like fireplace surround and natural stone plays a vibrant role in this. Now, let’s look at different ways ledgestone panels can be used to adorn a wall.

1. Ledgestone Panels

Ledgestone simulates a “dry fit” or “dry stack” installation for your fireplace. This simply refers to that the stone pieces are fitted closely together, with no grout or other elements between them. This tends to enhance the individuality and beauty of Ledgestone.

Ledgestone usually comes in panels to make installation easier, with individual stone pieces glued together into a 1 square foot portion. This simplifies and speeds up the installation process compared to traditional stone installations.

2. Edging

Ledgestone, like any natural stone, can be left with its edges exposed. Simply applying mineral oil to the cut parts brings out the rich color of the stone and enhances the pairing with the face of the stone. This allows you to build a fireplace surround that spans a full wall or merely frame out the space directly around the firebox.

Ledgestone includes corner pieces that can easily turn the corner for fireplaces that are slightly set off the wall, giving the installation a more three-dimensional effect. This is perfect for column fireplaces, fireplaces that split two rooms, or surrounds that require a more substantial appearance.

3. Colors

Ledgestone wall panels can be made available in a wide range of stunning colors that can match the décor of different types of homes. Because they are natural stones, the stones that comprise each panel may differ in color, veining, and surface texture from one another. This is part of what makes stone so beautiful.

When selecting a ledgestone wall panel for your fireplace, look for one that compliments several room’s accent hues. Pick a Ledgestone that contrasts with the rest of the room’s décor to make the fireplace stand out.

4. Styles

You can complement not just the design of your fireplace but also the décor in the rest of your house, whether you have a conventional wood-burning fireplace or are building a modern gas fireplace.

For a more classic look, ledgestone panels can be laid from floor to ceiling to create a focal point that dominates the décor of the area.

You may also use the material to cover only a piece of the wall, either vertically or horizontally, to create a more modern façade for your surround. It is possible to create a range of various appearances by adjusting how the material is applied to the surround as well as the colour of the stone you chose.

Why Choose Ledgestone Wall Panels?


Different types of natural stones like sandstone, quartzite, limestone, marble, and granite are used to prepare big-size wall panels which means they are weatherproof as compared to ceramic panels. Only a few natural stone surfaces require a sealant coating to shield them from inclement weather. Natural stones seldom lose their color and sheen.

A Fresh Visual Feel

The interior of your home may be given a natural and fresh feel by using a variety of natural stone ledger panels.

These panels can be suitable for areas around your garden area to improve the feeling of relaxation while being close to nature. These stone front elevation tiles can also be utilized as an accent piece outside or as a focal point wall in a living room.

Easy Installation

While once laid, tiles may look wonderful, the procedure is time-consuming and typically requires the assistance of an expert tiler, which is an additional expense. First off, a wall covering made of natural stone is incredibly user-friendly.

The panels are a great option for outdoor wall coverings since they are simple to cut, fit, and install. Compared to installing tiles, they take roughly half the time.

Limitless Impression

An eternal impression may be conveyed through natural stones in addition to their beauty and organic look. Since the Roman Empire, this material has been used, and it still retains its charm.

Marble and other natural stones may be polished repeatedly and still retain their original appearance because of their constant properties. Natural stones are also ideal for making contemporary tile designs for house front elevations.

In Closing

Ledgestone wall panels are made using different types of natural stones which means you can choose a panel that can match the overall décor of the space. However, make sure you choose a reliable and experienced natural stone manufacturer to get high-quality wall panels.

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