Case Study of Quartzite Project and Wall Cladding Materials

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When it comes to making a wall durable, long-lasting, and protective against weather vagaries, wall cladding emerges as a superb, decorative wall covering material. There are lots of wooden, metallic, and composite materials that can make a wall look unique and performing. Cladding increases the value of the structures on which it applied. Among natural stone construction materials, quartzite stripes and tiles induce a big difference. With this content, readers will know more about the benefits of using quartzite and a case study of quartzite projects accomplished with quartzite stripes and tiles in Russia.

Wall cladding

Case study – Quartzite wall cladding project

This case study is concerned with quartzite wall cladding materials sold and supplied by Regatta Universal Exports (RUE) to its Russian client. It shows how RUE analyzed the client’s needs, overcame existing challenges, and offered the best quartzite stone solutions to its esteemed client.

Client business needs

B2B clients of RUE were looking for high-quality wall cladding materials made of natural stone for accomplishing B2C wall cladding projects in Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia. The client came to RUE after searching for quartzite projects online. The client preferred different colors for renovating the domestic interior and exterior walls. The client asked for a big quantity of quartzite stripes and tiles to accomplish quartzite projects in the least amount of time.



The client had the responsibility to supply quartzite stone to its B2C clients in specific sizes in the least amount of time. The client came to RUE and asked for samples and details of production at the RUE natural stone factory. The client also asked for copper quartzite, H White quartzite, and silver grey quartzite colors for garnering living rooms, bathrooms, and outdoor spaces.


RUE solutions

RUE has its own natural stone processing unit that helped the natural stone company fulfill the order in the fixed time slot. The company offered multiple sizes of copper, white, and silver-grey quartzite stripes for the ongoing projects in Russia. The client demanded top quality stone products (stripes in the sizes of 60 x5-10-15 x 1.2 cms and tiles in the sizes of 60x 30 x 1.2 cms) at competitive prices. The company overcomes the expectations of the client completely. The B2B client was happy and shared some images of the wall cladding project inside and outside in Russia.

All the quartzite stone materials sent to Russia via ports were installed without a fuss. The following are the images showing how the homeowner used tiles and stripes in a beautiful manner.

Wall cladding with stripes (60cms x 5-15 cmsx 1.2 cms)
Copper quartzite project in Moscow - Wall cladding with stripes (60cms x 5-15 cmsx 1.2 cms) in an under-construction area.
Wall cladding silver grey quartzite project
Wall cladding silver grey quartzite project in St. Petersburg, Russia with stripes (60 cms x 5-10-15 cms x 1.2 cms)
Project in Moscow
Wall cladding H. white quartzite project in Moscow accomplished with stripes (60 x5-10-15 x 1.2 cms) and tiles (60x 30 x 1.2 cms)

Unique features of quartzite wall cladding materials

We simply need the exterior cladding to protect any structure against the wind, rains, pollution, heat, and cold. It is also vital to have thermal insulation to the exterior façade and an acoustic barrier. That is why quartzite is a natural stone in the form of wall cladding material that gives an edge. Natural material with great beauty makes this stone the first choice for wall cladding material. Some of the unique feature of this stone including:

  • Natural veining patterns with light and darker shades
  • Less costly than granite and marble
  • Rated higher (7) on the Mohs scale
  • Abrasion-resistant and durable
  • Natural looks for internal and external aesthetics

The natural stone company RUE supplies custom and standard quartzite tile products (copper quartzite, H. White quartzite, and silver grey quartzite) in the sizes of 30 x 30 and 60 x 30 cm with width thickness 1 cm, 1.2 cm, 1.5 cm, or 3 cm. As far as quartzite finishes and edges are concerned, clients can opt for natural calibrated machine cut (MC), polished calibrated machine cut (MC), and natural and brushed calibrated machine cut (MC).

RUE is an ISO and ETI-certified quartzite exporter, supplier, and manufacturer offering a big range of white quartzite tiles for all sorts of construction projects.