Coincidence vs controlled quality: A candid comparison of marble and vitrified tiles

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The mighty nature around you produces natural stone products after completion of several geological processes for a thousand years. Nature chisels marble rocks that men cut into marble blocks, slabs, and tiles. On the other hand, men take a few hours to engineer tiles, especially vitrified tiles, using various construction materials. Both product types from nature and men attract all. But the thing that induces a big variance is coincidence quality and controlled quality. With this content, readers will know how marble tile products are different from engineered products. Moreover, readers will understand the scenario of Indian marble tiles with reference to the sizes and popular colors available in the Indian marble industry.

Marble tiles vs vitrified tile: The quality scenario

Marble tiles vs vitrified tiles

A functional floor needs a base, stability and a subtle grounding effect. That is why the factor of cost induces a big difference. So, buyers always swing between the selection of concurrent vitrified tiles and timeless classic marble. Owing to a few reasons, a large number of people see vitrified tiles (ceramic tiles) as a modern-day alternative to marble for floor architecture.  

Vitrified tiles: Advantages and disadvantages

  • Cheap, porous, and superb designs
  • Installation under expert supervision needed
  • Repair issues due to poor book matching
  • Slippery when wet.
  • Grout Maintenance after every year or two
  • Not environment-friendly
  • Causes outlay of energy and carbon dioxide
  • All flaws controlled to enhance looks

Marble tiles: Advantages and disadvantages

rainforest green marble tiles
  •  Luxurious and opulent floors
  • Natural flaws, veins, and lines on the surface
  • Strong and durable
  • A little expensive but high functional
  • Environment-friendly
  • Limited design choices

Man-made materials imitate the appearance of natural materials and make the overall quality quite controlled. With such materials, it is easy to have more decorating options. Factors of natural defects, colors, strength, and innate beauty prove that marble is winning the race owing to coincidence quality. Remember that men can’t beat nature at all. Men can mimic the look of natural stone. When it comes to purchasing marble, certified and popular marble suppliers from India give buyers an edge in terms of quality, quantity, cost, and perfection.

  • Veining marble – Rainforest green, golden, and brown marble tiles
  • Black marble – Mercury black, carbon black, and black marine marble
  • Green marble – Spider green, plain green, and forest green marble
  • Pink marble – Pink onyx and pink marble
  • White marble – Bruno white, Albeta white, Markrana white, and white onyx marble
  • Brown marble – Fantasy brown marble
Rainforest Brown Marble
Rainforest Brown Marble
Rain Forest Green Marble supplier
Rainforest GreenMarble
Rainforest golden tiles supplier
Rainforest Gold Marble

Apart from mentioned-above marble colors, there are also some popular finishes and sizes that buyers can expect from Indian suppliers in a unique manner. As far as sizes are concerned, the following sizes make a big difference:

Interestingly, Indian marble suppliers can help all global buyers get high quality (coincidence quality) marble tiles in standard and custom sizes. They can supply tiles in multiple colors and sizes in all parts of the world.

Mercury black marble

Regatta Universal Exports is a recognized and professional marble tile manufacturer, exporter, and supplier. The marble company has its own marble processing factory that produces superb, coincidence quality products in various sizes, suiting direct needs of buyers.