To brighten up your living area, interior and exterior domestic buildings must be upgraded. Numerous natural stone colors are frequently employed to improve current and future interiors and exteriors. A distinctive limestone hue is very important when it comes to having style, look, and performance at cheaper expenses.

Popular Limestone Colors for Wall and Floor Tile Applications

A wide range of hues in limestone, from black to green and from pink to grey, provides fans of natural stone an advantage. Readers will learn more about the most common hues for limestone tile in the content, which may be used to redefine any kind of wall and floor architecture in a house or workplace.

Kota Brown Limestone Flooring Project

Because of this, it is highly sought for all over the world, but mainly in the Middle East and in European nations. Despite being utilized for floor tiles, limestone is increasingly being used for walls. This stone product gives the surrounding area a simple, unpretentious, and ageless aspect. Limestone is essential for constructing stone, worktops, steps, pool copings, sills, sinks, monuments, and ornamental stone, according to the approved uses for this natural stone. There are numerous limestone suppliers in India that provide quality limestone in diverse colors and sizes.

  • Sizes of typical limestone tiles are 30 x 30, 60 x 60, 60 x 90, and 60 x 120 cm.
  • The standard thickness of limestone tile: 2 to 6 cm
  • Popular polishes for limestone: Machine cut (MC) and hand cut (HC) tumbled natural calibrated, honed calibrated, and natural calibrated plus brushed

The following are a few common variations in limestone hue that fans of natural stone may use to their advantage. All of the below-mentioned colour varieties were obtained from quarries in North and South India.


Black Limestone

Real name: Lime black limestone

Additional Names: Andhra black, Cuddapah black, Madras black, black desert, and Kudappa stone

Destination of origin: South India

Color: Black

Surface description: Black-hued limestone with a rough texture

Recommended Usage: Interior and exterior designing

Blue limestone

Real name: Kota blue limestone

Additional Names: Kotah Blue and Kota Grey Limestone

Destination of origin: Kota, Rajasthan, India

Color: Blue

Surface description: A light blue and grey surface plus delicate shades of yellow and green

Recommended Usage: Interior and exterior designing

Kota Blue Limestone Flooring

Kota Brown Limestone Flooring Project

Brown limestone

Real name: Kota brown limestone

Additional Names: Kotah Brown, Kota brown natural, and Kota stone brown limestone

Destination of origin: Kota, Rajasthan, India

Color: Brown

Surface description: Light brown surface with subtle shades of green and yellow

Recommended Usage: Interior and exterior designing

Pink limestone

Real name: Lime pink limestone

Additional Names: Pink Lime India and Pink Lime

Destination of origin: Nalgonda District, Telangana, India

Color: Pink

Surface description: Pink-colored stone with clearly visible striations

Recommended Usage: Interior and exterior designing

Lime Pink Limestone Tiles

lime Green Limestone Tiles

Green limestone

Real name: Lime green limestone

Additional Names: Jaisalmer green limestone

Destination of origin: Rajasthan, North India

Color: Green

Surface description: Pale green surface with various striations

Recommended Usage: Interior and exterior designing

Yellow limestone

Real name: Tandur yellow limestone

Additional Names: French vanilla limestone, tandoor yellow limestone, Shabad yellow limestone, tendur yellow limestone, and tandur yellow limestone

Destination of origin: South India

Color: Yellow

Surface description: Light yellow-hued surface with subtle texture and rustic looks

Recommended Usage: Interior and exterior designing

The Conclusion

All these tile varieties in the colour limestone are easily accessible from a top Indian provider; B2B customers may make a big purchase. These hues of limestone are unavoidably associated with contemporary design, fashionable appearance, and functionality. There are a number of characteristics that make limestone tiles suitable for landscape design, including a subtle texture, temperature resistance, longevity, and colour constancy.

Indian limestone suppliers from India surpass all expectations in a professional and cordial manner, whether B2B limestone consumers are looking for floor tiles in an antique pattern, French pattern, herringbone pattern, or spiral pattern from a competitive market.

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