Kandla Grey Sandstone – The Most Versatile Choice For Flooring Projects

May 28, 2024 Admin

Though there are different types of natural stones available in the market, Kandla Grey Sandstone is known to have its special magic. This is why it remains the most viable choice for paving projects and Indian sandstone paving is quite popular all over the world. From its exemplary aesthetical appeal to unmatched functional performance, this Indian sandstone leads the way whether used for any type of project. In addition, the availability of Kandla Grey sandstone in different finishes and designs is another advantage for architects and project coordinators.

Kandla Grey Sandstone in the UK

This Indian sandstone has become extremely popular in the UK region. The reasons are quite obvious. The color of this particular grey Indian sandstone is a soft blue-grey with sporadic beige undertones. Its contemporary look and equal color constancy make it a popular choice for outdoor areas.

Now, let’s look at some of the most fabulous applications of Kandla Grey Sandstone.

Grey Sandstone Floor tiles

Outdoor Kitchen

Because of its color uniformity and polished, consistent appearance, Kandla Grey sandstone is particularly well-liked for outdoor paving areas. It may be utilized indoors as well. Additionally, it usually works well in contrast with other outdoor kitchen components like the furniture and surrounding flora that produce the greatest results after installation. It has a very pleasing appearance when it becomes wet, which is often in the later months of the year.

Outdoor Patio

Grey sandstone can be used to style your outdoor patio to create a beautiful and welcoming area. Numerous design possibilities are made possible by the inherent beauty and adaptability of Kandla Grey Sandstone. Start by selecting the grey sandstone material—pavers, slabs, tiles, or a combination—that best fits your tastes. Choose traditional grey sandstone pavers with a tumbled or honed surface for a timeless appearance. Large slabs of polished, smooth grey sandstone are a good option if you’re more of a modernist. For an even more rustic vibe, consider adding some natural edges to the scene. Think of including decorative elements like mosaics or contrasting stones to give your patio a truly personal touch. Your grey sandstone patio will become a calm and inviting outdoor haven with the addition of cozy outdoor furniture, chic lighting, and lush vegetation. Grey sandstone can be customized to your idea, whether you choose a traditional, modern, or rustic look, to create a room where you can unwind and host guests in luxury.

Does it need sealing?

Sure, provided that’s how you want it to remain immaculate. It is always advised to seal grey Indian sandstone.

Indian sandstone known as Kandla Grey is porous by nature. If it hasn’t been sealed beforehand, liquids may leave permanent stains or marks on its surface due to its moisture susceptibility. We are always pleased to offer more thorough or targeted guidance!

Stone Cladding

Use Kandla Grey sandstone for cladding on one wall in your outdoor space, preferably one that is visible from several directions. The wall draws attention and makes a statement whether it is used as a backdrop for outdoor fireplaces, seating spaces, or as a stand-alone item.

Textural Contrast

For a striking contrast, combine the Kandla Grey sandstone cladding with other materials or landscaping features. It can create a pleasing harmony between the many textures of nature by contrasting with lush vegetation, wooden accents, or even water features.

Lighting Effects

The sandstone’s texture and natural beauty can be highlighted by carefully placed lighting, highlighting the wall’s allure both during the day and at night. After dusk, integrated lighting or spotlights can draw attention to the stone’s differences and texture, making it a striking feature.

Inventive Patterns

To make the cladding distinctive, experiment with various designs or laying techniques. To add a little flair and uniqueness, try a herringbone, stacked, or uneven design, for instance.

Equilibrium With Surroundings

Make sure the wall is in harmony with the entire outside setting. To make the area seem well-put together and welcoming, pair it with appropriate furniture, plants, and decorative accents that complement the wall’s style.

The Conclusion

Due to unmatched aesthetics and functionality, Kandla Grey Sandstone always remains the most preferred stone of choice for outdoor flooring projects. In the UK, the demand for Indian sandstone for flooring is quite high and there are hundreds of sandstone exporters in India that supply finest quality stone to granite importers, architects, construction companies, and others.

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