Ledgestone: A true classic stone that fits into most décor schemes

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Ledgestone needs no introduction to the people who are associated with the construction industry. 

 Ledgestone needs no introduction to the people who are associated with the construction industry. This stone is also known as a stacked stone and can be easily seen installed on walls, fireplaces or borders. It is actually a natural stone tile available in a rectangular shape. Remember that when four rows of stones are glued together, it gives birth to a ledge stone in various colors and designs. Although the most common sizes for ledge stone tiles are 60×15 cm, yet buyers can also opt for customized options from professional natural ledge stone suppliers. With this content, all readers will able to know more about the effectiveness of ledgestone at homes and what Indian stone suppliers have for global buyers.

Ledgestone everywhere: Inside and outside homes

When it comes to enhancing the overall beauty of wall spaces, ledgestone catches all eyes. One of the most important aspects of this stone product is that it simply delivers an aura of timeless elegance. The wall that looks shabby and clattered can get a new makeover with careful installation on this product. Both indoor and outdoor structures define the exquisite quotient in a proper manner when a wall in your personal room, dining hall, drawing room, or courtyard is garnered with ledge stone. From outdoor kitchens to retaining walls and from exterior feature walls to pools, this stone product simply looks great on everything around. It is a great choice for giving a new meaning to fireplaces, bathrooms, and backsplashes.

ledge stone suppliers

If you are looking for a style that builds long-lasting beauty, then ledge stone promises you diversity and contemporary feel. This stone can be a great option for having a hard surface wall finish. Let’s check out what ledgestone can do at your home and surrounding areas:

  • Bring the best out of ledgestone for shower enclosure by using grouted tiles that ensure no void left.
  • It is also a perfect material for outdoor decoration when you need to cover a facade with stacked stone.
  • Ledgestone installed on the fireplace and on drywall looks amazing.
  • Use ledgestone for having a spa like feel to the space.
Bathroom Ledgestone

What Indian natural ledge stone suppliers offer to global buyers?

Before making a purchase, make sure you get in touch with certified ledgestone suppliers and manufacturers who know well how to finish edge of ledgestone and ledgestone veneer. Natural ledgestone and ledgestone panels from professional sellers can assure you quality. When it comes to ledgestone installation, always take help from experts for a better outcome. Without any doubt, Indian natural stone market offers a big platform to all universal B2B and B2C buyers interested in buying a variety of natural stone products. Expect the following options available in India from reputed ledge stone suppliers.

  • Available finishes: Natural cleft, tumbled, honed, and bush hammered
  • Customized size: Available on demand
  • Ledgestone options: Granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, slate, and quartzite
  • Standard size: 60×15 cm with up to 1-2 cm thickness
Quartzite Ledgestone
Quartzite Ledgestone
Sandstone Ledgestone
Sandstone Ledgestone
Marble Ledgestone
Marble Ledgestone
Slate Ledgestone
Slate Ledgestone

Regatta Universal Exports is a professional ledgestone manufacturing and supplying company that offers global natural stone buyers high-quality ledgestone products at a competitive price tag. The stone company is committed to rendering classic and unique stone products that fit into most décor schemes.