Limestone Tile Patterns and Surface Treatment Explained

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Nowadays, limestone has become a favorite construction material for residential and commercial projects. It has been widely used in contemporary interior designs for decades. With a hardness of 3 on the Mohs scale, limestone simply resists the passage of time. That is why it is an ideal choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and facades. Limestone’s natural brightness gives a new meaning to the wall and floor perfection. This content puts light on a few interesting limestone tile patterns and surface treatment options to make a big difference to the wall and floor decoration in commercial and domestic construction projects.

Black limestone flooring

Limestone tile patterns and finishes

From limestone transportation to limestone shaping and from limestone cutting to limestone packing, there are many processes through which a limestone product passes. While following a strict limestone process, stone experts and engineers emphasize on tile patterns and surface treatment. These two activities are vital for having practical and stylish floor and wall tiles.

Limestone tile patterns

Limestone tiles come in custom and standard sizes including 30 x 30, 60 x 30, 60 x 60 and 60 x 90 cm along with thickness 1 cm, 1.2 cm, 1.5 cm, 2 cm or 3 cm. A limestone floor can be installed in an assortment of patterns. More importantly, choosing a particular pattern depends on the choice of the homeowner. Below-mentioned is a brief list of popular limestone tile patterns for floors. These include:

Regular Pattern Floor Tiles

Floor tiles in the regular pattern are the most common pattern for modern designs.

  • Type: Most common type of pattern
  • Used in: Modern bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom
  • Popular colors: Shades of gray, cream, and lighter
  • Look: Uniform look
  • Appearance: Makes the floor and the room look bigger

Spiral Pattern Floor Tiles

Floor tiles in the spiral pattern are superb for modern style interiors with a chic look.

  • Type: Unique
  • Used in: Modern style interiors of kitchens and homes
  • Popular colors: Bright colors
  • Look: Trendy
  • Appearance: Design booster for kitchen backsplash or a wall accent

French Pattern Floor Tiles

Floor tiles in this render the look of countryside homes with a very chic vibe.

  • Type: Rustic
  • Used in: Kitchen and living rooms
  • Popular colors: Off-white colors
  • Look: Countryside homes
  • Appearance: Glossy

Herringbone Pattern Floor Tiles

Floor tiles in this pattern are perfect for improving the overall design of the overall interior.

  • Type: Modern
  • Used in: wall designing
  • Popular colors: Dark colors
  • Look: Comfortable
  • Appearance: Enhances the design of the overall interior

Antique Pattern Floor Tiles

Floor tiles in the antique pattern resemble the French/ Versailles pattern and match well with rustic styled and designed homes.

  • Type: Close to the French/ Versailles pattern
  • Used in: Rustic styled and countryside homes
  • Popular colors: Dull colors
  • Look: Soothing and comfortable
  • Appearance: Rustic style
  • Utility: Value addition
Lime green tiles supplier
Lime green limestone tile
lime pink limestone tiles
Lime pink limestone tile

Limestone surface finishes

HONED: This finish ensures a smooth matte surface for interior and exterior floors. This surface finish is suitable for internal and external flooring, cladding, columns, balustrades, stairs, and other architectural profiles.

BRUSHED: This finish is vital for having an embossed antique surface. It offers a feeling of comfort and warmth. It is also good for many applications such as flooring, wall cladding, stairs, architectural profiles, and columns.

TUMBLED: This finish type looks very different than honed or polished finishes. The best part of this finish is that it makes the surface slightly chalky and dusty-looking with muted colors. It doesn’t remove any sort of protective finish from the stone surface.

NATURAL: The natural finish means the absence of treatment. The natural stone seller sells a stone in the natural finish after extracting it from the quarry. This finish makes the stone an unprocessed surface look. This finish type is good for cladding and cobblestones.

Popular limestone tile finishes in India

  • Natural calibrated hand-cut (HC) and machine cut (MC) tumbled
  • Honed calibrated hand-cut (HC) and machine cut (MC) tumbled
  • Natural + brushed calibrated machine cut (MC) and hand-cut (HC)
  • Semi-honed and semi-brushed calibrated hand-cut (HC) and machine cut (MC) tumbled
lime black tiles
Lime black limestone tiles in natural & tumbled finish

Indian limestone market in the best natural stone hub where global limestone buyers can opt for Kota blue, Kota brown, lime black, lime peacock, lime green, lime pink, tandur yellow and tandur blue limestone tiles in different patterns and finishes.

B2B buyers can place an online order for limestone tile in any particular pattern and surface treatment choice.