Marvelous Sandstones

There would have been no houses, no commercial buildings, parks roads, or pavements if there were no stones. How hollow it would have been, have you ever imagined? Hence, we are fortunate enough that we are blessed with all the natural things around us and sand stone is one of the essential ones. This precious stone is used at a number of places for various decors. Your very own Regatta Universal Exports offers you this beautiful looking sandstone varieties and in different colors.


Sandstone applications

This marvelous stone has been used for various purposes. From sharpening of devices to grinding wheels, grain mills to building cladding, fireplaces, monuments, countertops, tool making molds, production of tiles to bricks, blocks, and pavers, and glass production. The countertops and the tiles used at various places at the time construction. With the elegant look it is also one of the natural stones that is known for its durability. The stones elegance and charm actually enhance the beauty of any interior and exterior decors. The rough textured sandstone varieties are utilized for the exterior elevations of the house gives an authentic look just as the building of the middle period.


Colorful Sandstone options available in India

Without any doubt, sandstone is a superb construction material that you can use indoor and outdoor to give a superb look to everything around. There are lots of colors that are widely popular and preferred by homeowners to make a big difference to their residential projects. As far as colors of the stone are concerned, following are some of the colors that you can easily avail in India. These include:

Agra red, Asian gold, autumn brown, camel dust, desert mint, Dholpur beige, ebony, flowery gold, fossil mint, golden teakwood, ITA gold, J. pink, J. red, Jaisalmer yellow, K. black, Kandla grey, Kota desert, l. grey, l. yellow, panther, rainbow, raj green, raveena, ripon, sagar black, toksana, two tone, white mint, yellow mint, yellow teakwood, Mandana and modak sandstone.

The splendid variations of the sand stone are available at Regatta Universal Exports; you’ll find this stone in various finishes like honed or polished, sawn, brushed, tumbled and flamed. All these finished versions of sandstones are used for walling, flooring and monumental figures.