Natural stone: A kitchen countertop material that doesn’t go out of style

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Homeowners prefer to have a flat and functional working surface that makes things easy for the cooking purpose. Hence, they bring home different countertop materials like wood, steel, glass, ceramics, travertine, and natural stone. Amongst them, natural stone makes a big difference with marble, granite, sandstone, quartzite, limestone, and slate.

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The most interesting highlight of natural stone countertops is an eternity (never out of style). A countertop tile or slab having the ability to resist spills, stains, heat damage, and abrasion gives homeowners immense benefits. If you are living with a lusterless kitchen with poor working surface, countertop, and walls, it is high time to go for Indian natural stone colors and options for global countertop buyers. Remember that a moderate renovation in your kitchen, keeping a countertop in mind, can assure you unbelievable returns: Up to 95 percent.

Natural stone color: Kitchen’s aide to two-tone solutions

Black and white is simply a deadly combination when it comes to contrasting the color of kitchen cabinets with floors and countertops.  A large number of people get attracted to a white kitchen because the white color is clean, orderly and simple. People love to welcome white to their kitchen on walls, cabinets, and countertops. Choosing the right hue is essential to expose architectural details or convert old-fashioned cabinetry. It is clearly possible with a certified natural stone supplier in India.

Green Marble Kitchen Countertop
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A right color natural stone can easily alter the overall feeling of the kitchen area. You can merge two colors on cabinets. Let’s have a look at some of the interesting color combinations that give natural stone countertops a new meaning. These options include:

  • White cabinets and black countertops
  • Black cabinet with Green countertops
  • White cabinets and green countertops
  • Red cabinets, yellow walls, and grey countertops
  • Black cabinets and white countertops
  • Green cabinets and golden-hued countertops
Kitchen Countertop
Rainforest Green Marble Kitchen Countertop
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Indian natural stone options in the kitchen for global buyers

After discussing color combinations, global buyers need to find the right countertop materials and colors available in India. It is known that high-quality stone products are unaffected by heat, cuts, and scratches. In addition, rare kitchen top colors at a highly competitive cost ensure buyers added benefits. We are familiar with the statement that natural stones are durable, eco-friendly, and long-lasting. When it comes to buying, international buyers give priority to a stone that has minimal maintenance requirements, unique finishes and edges to resists stains, high quality with lower veining costs, and fuss-free delivery commitment. To cater to these specific needs, Indian natural stone manufacturers and exporters promise you the following alternatives for kitchens:

  • Marble: Rain forest brown, rainforest green, white onyx, and fantasy brown
  • Sandstone: Camel dust, Agra red, Dholpur beige, Kandla grey, modak, and yellow mint
  • Limestone: Kota blue, lime black, tandur yellow, and lime green
Lime Black Limestone
Rainforest Brown Leather Finished
Kandla Grey Sandstone

Without any doubt, limestone, sandstone, and marble are classic materials. They come with natural veins and defects. All these stone types never go out of fashion. Regatta Universal Exports, a leading and certified supplier of rare natural stone countertops and stone colors, offers you numerous countertop options, ideas, and trends on a budget.

Camel Dust Sandstone
Modak Sandstone

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