In both residential and commercial construction projects, it is necessary to ensure smoother access to the main building, particularly if there is a big area outside. This is where stone paving emerges as a wonderful option in various aspects. And when it comes to giving an astonishing visual and functional appeal to an outdoor area, Indian sandstone paving emerges as the most preferred choice. Due to the availability of a wide range of colors and finishes, Indian Sandstone Paving is always a winner worldwide. Today, the demand for Indian Sandstone has been reaching newer heights in different parts of the world.

Paving Modak Sandstone

What is Sandstone?

In simple terms, sandstone refers to a rock that is made up of sand cemented together. By taking a closer look at its surface, you would be able to ascertain this. Technically, sandstone means a kind of rock that is made from sediment. These sediments may include pieces of rock fragments and minerals. This is why it is called a clastic sedimentary rock. It is mainly composed of medium-sized sediment particles.

There are many sandstone suppliers and exporters in India that provide high quality sandstone material to the USA, UK, Australia, and other countries across the globe. The wider variety of colors and patterns, along with competitive pricing makes Indian sandstone a popular paving material globally. In India, sandstone is primarily sourced from Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh states which is considered of great quality. Below are some of the major reasons why Indian sandstone paving is considered the best.

Teakwood sandstone block

1. Competitive Pricing

Grey Sandstone Floor tiles

The easy availability of sandstone reserves plays a great role in determining its price. In India, there are lots of sandstone reserves located in the states of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh which means high-quality sandstone material can be easily obtained in abundance. This further affects its price  for sandstone buyers in the USA and UK who get it at much lower prices than any other part of the world.

Whether you are an architect, construction contractor, builder or paving expert, you can choose to get fine-quality sandstone at the most competitive rates.

2. It is long lasting

Once applied, sandstone paving is meant to last for years countering baking hot sun and extreme winters without losing its natural sheen. However, for this, it is necessary to choose high-quality sandstone.

This is one of the reasons why B2B sandstone buyers in the USA and countries prefer Indian sandstone for different types of paving projects.

In comparison to other paving materials, the performance of Sandstone is quite better. Sandstone features a hardness of 6 to 7 with compressive strength of 95.00 N/mm2. Its toughness remains at 3.6 and 2.2 – 2.8 specific gravity.

If installation done correctly, Indian sandstone can easily bear the weight of heavy four vehicles which means it can be used on walkways, driveways, and as stepping stones.

3. It resists extreme weather

Indian sandstone is found to boast excellent resistance to weathering scenarios like high heat, bitter cold, and extreme moisture levels. In addition, it is known to perform well against chemicals, strong winds, heavy rain, scratches, and friction. So, builders can easily choose Indian sandstone for a range of outdoor applications like decks, patios, and pathways without worrying about local weather scenarios.

4. It is skid-free

Mint sandstone projects

Indian sandstone is known to be highly porous. Moreover, it can be procured in a wide range of finishes. So, if you want a non-slippery surface, you can pick the most suitable finish that would enhance the overall look and feel of the surface without posing the risk of slippage.

Some of the popular finish options are polished, honed, brushed, sandblasted, bush-hammered, and calibrated bottom etc. So, irrespective of the application, you can choose the most appropriate finish for the same.

5. It requires low maintenance

Being a siliceous rock, Indian sandstone exhibits unmatched resistance to acids, chemicals, moisture, scratches, and others. This also means that the property owner doesn’t need to pay too much attention to its maintenance. Just regular cleaning is enough to wipe out dust and dirt. However, experts strongly recommend sealing the stone to avoid heavy damages.

6. It matches well to the surroundings

No matter your property has a modern architectural style or a rustic countryside pattern, sandstone carries an inherent ability to complement every architectural setting across various parameters. This is another aspect that makes Indian sandstone paving a versatile choice for a plethora of architectural applications worldwide.

7. It enhances outdoor living

In countries where summers are long, Indian sandstone paving is a popular choice. Property owners tend to install sandstone in their front yard patios and backyards to keep the environment cool. From having a wonderful evening tea during the summer months to playing outdoors, sandstone enables versatile outdoor space for every member of the family.

Popular Indian Sandstone Choices For Paving Application

Here are some of the widely imported Indian sandstones.

Kandla Grey Sandstone

Featuring a stunning grey color tone, this sandstone tops the list of popular paving stones worldwide. Not only it exhibits a kind of consistency, it can be obtained in both dark and light color tones. Moreover, 

Kandla Grey Sandstone features a high level of durability, stability, toughness, and weather resistance which makes it an ideal choice for outdoor paving.

Modak Sandstone

Also used as an ornamental stone, Modak Sandstone is another popular paving stone in the USA and UK. Boasting an eclectic mix of pink and honey-rose colors, the stone also features dark pink-colored swirls on the surface.

The stone lends an unbeatable visual appeal to the overall environment without requiring heavy maintenance. Apart from paving, it is also a great choice for flooring and wall cladding applications.

Mint Sandstone

White mint flooring 1

This sandstone comes in white and yellow hues and is widely preferred by stone importers in the USA and UK. Available in the form of tiles, step blocks, palisades, slabs, wall stones, floor plates and others, Mint Sandstone is known to be a highly durable material.

It comes in numerous finishes like honed, polished, bush-hammered, tumbled, brushed, sandblasted, and sawn which means it can be used for a wide range of applications.

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