Revolutionizing the modern baths with full slabs in shower

Modern bath
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Since ancient times, natural stones like granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, and slate have been used in baths and spas. It is known that the Roman Empire had lavish public baths. In those times, a secluded domestic bath was meant only for wealthy homes and families.

Well-garnered fountains, murals, sculptures, columns, and atria were features of public baths. On the other hand, private baths had only a tub and a seating area in the name of a bath. These days, every modern interior home design is accompanied by a shower that has three walls made of a particular natural stone type. Gone are the days when the natural stone had limited use in bathrooms and spas. Today, it is easy to see modern baths having full natural stone slabs of giant size in shower. The elegance and inherent beauty of natural stone make it an ideal stone to install in the shower. Shower slabs are the new trend in the natural stone industry.

Stone showers perfect for a modern bathroom

Rainforest green marble Gangsaw Slab

Without a doubt, every house possesses a bathroom having a shower for the bathing purpose. Using large slab is a new concept that people are falling in love and welcoming to their showers. For bathroom remodeling and construction projects, full slabs are useful for walls, floors, and countertops. When we talk about stone shower materials, you have tiles, stones, fiberglass, acrylic, and other engineered stone as several alternatives for shower walls. Although tile slabs for showers are widely used as a bathroom wall and floor material, yet full slabs in the shower is something unique and eye-pleasing.

It is well known that the shower walls must be covered with anti-water material to prevent water damage. In the competitive market, there are various options that you can choose in order to satiate your particular needs. Keep in mind that you need to have a superb stone material that is water-resistant, long-lasting, and exquisite too. Let’s go through some stone shower full slab materials that are practical, easy to clean, and won’t degrade readily.

Marble stone for shower

marble slabs for shower
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The stone has been a great choice of ancient Roman architects. What makes this stone first choice of all is its very elegant and traditional look. Here, one can opt for the highest quality marble slabs and seal them properly. Always go for top quality stone for such stones are more resistant to moisture.

Granite stone for shower

Granite is a popular stone material for bathroom counters. The same stone is also a wonderful choice for a shower owing to its ability to resist certain substances. Granite is synonymous of modern hygiene products. Moreover, this stone is easy to maintain.

granite slabs for shower
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Sandstone for shower

One of the most interesting benefits of having a sandstone bath shower slab in the bath is the aesthetic appeal of the sandstone. The earthy tones steal the show and the stone resist water successfully to prevent walls and floors from being moisturized. With frequent sealing, this stone type offers more benefits than granite in the shower area.

Full shower slabs from natural stone suppliers

The shower walls and floors are the surfaces that bear the daily strain of water, wear, and tear at a stretch. Using full shower slabs in baths have emerged as a design feature which is both amusing and creative. When you find it difficult to pick up the right stone material for shower surfaces, you need to know what is available in the market and what suits your needs the best. When it comes to buying any slabs for shower, you will find natural stone suppliers offering a big variety of full slabs expertly designed shower walls. When we talk about full slabs, it means gangsaw (full) slabs of 260 x 160 cm up in 2 & 3 cm in size. There is no dearth of slab colors, patterns, and surface variations. Primarily, professional natural stone exporters and suppliers ensure material for the following options:

  • Marble slab shower stone products
  • Granite slab shower stone products
  • Slate shower slabs stone products
  • Limestone shower slabs stone products
  • Sandstone shower slabs stone products
rainforest green bath slabs
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All mentioned-above stone types are widely used as a construction material in showers. It is noted that these slab shower stones will perform as per your expectations if they are cleaned continuously and sealed properly. While choosing the right stone type, make sure you have a good idea on what you are going to buy and take help only from professional stone suppliers. To make the most out of shower stones, go for cleanable and smooth stone. Also, keep the grout joints small. Another thing you need to consider before making a purchase is the application of the best penetrating sealers. Also choose a non-slippery slab that functions well even when it is wet, soapy, or scummy.

Regatta Universal Exports is a natural stone shower slab supplier, exporter, and manufacturer from India. With its two natural stone factories in North India and South India, the natural stone company supplies its full slab stone materials in more than 60 countries around the world.