Whenever it comes to choosing the most versatile materials in the construction industry, sandstone emerges as one of the most popular options. Do you know why? There are many reasons behind it like its durability, wider choice of colors and patterns, numerous finishes, easy maintenance, and lot of others. Whether you want to refresh your outdoor paving or redo your bathroom, choosing sandstone for the same carries lots of benefits over its counterparts.

What is Sandstone?

Teakwood sandstone block

This natural refers to a kind of sedimentary rock and is made up of sand-size grains of rock, minerals, and other natural elements. Sandstone also contains a bonding material that combines the sand grains together. It may also hold a mixed bag of slit- or clay-sized units that cover up the spaces between the sand grains.

Being one of the most widely used sedimentary rocks, sandstone can be discovered in various sedimentary basins across the world. In most cases, the particles of sand that constitute sandstone are carried by rivers to the basins, however, they may also be carried by wind or waves.

After having the basic information about sandstone formation, it’s now time to look at the merits associated with choosing sandstone for a construction project.

Availability of Wide-ranging Colors and Patterns

Being a natural material, sandstone can be obtained in an amazing variety of hues and patterns. They may include tons of white, a twirl of earth-character colors, and absolute black.

During extraction, sandstone is obtained in the form of big-size slabs that are further treated to get smaller pieces for the eventual installation. Due to this process, each piece gets its own color, design, and charisma. Moreover, one must be attentive about picking up the pieces that are needed for the bathroom; each one needs to match the piece alongside to instill a seamless look and feel.       

Diverse Finishes

Agra red sandstone natural cleftAnother major benefit of sandstone is that it comes in various finishes. For example, if you want a plain finish, you can go for honed sandstone. However, it may be a bit slippery, although it enables traction when wet. However, there is always an option to choose from other surface finishes that provide improved friction in both wet and dry conditions.

The most commonly applied finishes in sandstone are brushed, polished, honed, sawn, and sandblasted.

Excellent Durability

sandstone-fountainBeing a rock material, sandstone boasts amazing durability in both indoor and outdoor applications. Though it is not as hard as slate or granite, the natural stone is found to perform really well even in high traffic areas. Nonetheless, it maintained amazingly, it tends to last for several years.

However, one thing to keep in mind that a heavy object fallen can cause sandstone tiles to chip or crack. In this case of damage, the only option is to replace the broken piece. Please ensure that you have a few spare sandstone tiles so that you don’t encounter any issues getting a tile that matches the overall flooring pattern.

An Environment-friendly Material

For those who remain concerned about the environment, sandstone tiles come up as a great option. Contrary to artificial objects, sandstone doesn’t involve the use of any kind of chemical during manufacturing and processing. In addition, the water used for processing the stone can be recycled or reused. If the property owners want to change the sandstone tiles, they can easily reuse or recycle them.

Water Absorption

Though sandstone is considered a rock, it’s found to be a bit porous and boasts a water absorption rate between 1 and 6 percent. It simply means that it’s prone to damage from mold, warping, and water stains. Additionally, the stone is vulnerable to cavities and scratches from extreme heels, pet claws, and unintentional drops.

Weathering and Aging

According to various reports, sandstone is found to weather and age over a period of time. No matter how extensive maintenance the owner takes, the look of a sandstone tile will not be the same as it was 10 years back.

Most Popular Variants of Sandstone from India

Kandla Grey Sandstone

Also known as Bhilwara Grey Sandstone, this natural stone is mainly sourced from Bhilwara and Bundi districts in India. It is considered a perfect stone choice for exteriors, interiors, floors, walls, sinks, countertops, monuments, sills, pool coping, paving, and others.

Kandla Grey Sandstone tiles can be obtained in various finishes including:

  • Natural calibrated machine cut (MC) and hand-cut (HC)
  • Natural + brushed machine cut (MC) and hand-cut (HC)
  • Natural + brushed calibrated machine cut (MC) and hand-cut (HC) tumbled
  • Honed calibrated machine cut (MC) and hand-cut (HC)
  • Honed +sandblasted calibrated machine cut (MC) and hand-cut (HC)
  • Bush hammered calibrated machine cut (MC)

Due to amazing hardness, durability, and power to counter harsh weather conditions, this sandstone emerges as a great option for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Mandana Sandstone

It is basically a chocolate-colored sandstone that boasts a mix of different shades including plum, dark red, and light brown. This red sandstone is found to be ideal for flooring, paving and wall cladding, and lends a perfect style for both traditional and contemporary touch. Due to its high compressibility and strength, it is widely used in both indoor and outdoor applications. The stone is sturdy in nature and boasts of seamless finish which makes it easy to install.

Modak Sandstone

Modak Sandstone PathwayModak Sandstone is a kind of natural stone that can be applied in diverse areas of a building. From external paving to indoor flooring, and even wall cladding, this stone emerges as a wonderful stone material for both traditional and contemporary settings. The stone features a classic mix of honey-rose, pink and terracotta shades that present a mesmerizing look. Because of its inherent ability to easily gel with its surrounding, it remains in huge demand from different parts of the world.

If you are an architect, construction contractor, builders or even a home owner, it is important for you to know that sandstone has been utilized since prehistoric era in construction. Primarily, it is used outdoors as it is a highly durable material that has the ability to withstand different types of weather conditions without leaving any noticeable marks. Be it Kandla Grey Sandstone or Modak Pink Sandstone, it is one such natural stone that is not only a pleasure for eyes, but lasts for years too.

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