Stone of the month – Mosaic tiles

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Mosaic tiles have been a great decorative material for centuries throughout ancient cities like Egypt, Rome, Greece, and Turkey.

These days, colorful and fascinating tiles are widely used in domestic construction projects. In various designs and patterns, these montage tiles impart a gorgeous look to the place where they are installed. 

It is nothing but the visual element in the form of mural or pattern that enhances texture, movement, and drama to the domestic architecture. If you want to see where you can use mosaic tiles in your living space, it is easy to see them inside your floors, kitchen, bathroom, and walls. When it comes to buying such murals and mosaic tile designs, it is quite easy to make a purchase as tiles are available in all parts of the world.

Mosaic in the kitchen
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Mosaic tiles everywhere at your home

The versatile nature, the efficient energy efficiently, and cheap maintenance cost are some of the prime reasons why one should add mosaic tiles into their home décor. Gone are the days when tiles were used in homes owned by riches. Now, tiles are cheap and can be bought by anyone to give a new appeal and aesthetic elements to all living spaces around. Now, the interesting question is where you can use superb mosaic tiles at your home. In the form of natural stones, tiles are multipurpose. Mentioned-below are some of the spaces where you can use mosaic tiles for embellishing your home. These include:

Sandston Mosaic in kitchen
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Mosaic in living room 1
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  • Kitchen – Countertop and backsplash design
  • Living Room – Half or entire walls
  • Flooring – Pathways, bathroom floors, living room floors or the backyard
  • Shower – Bathroom walls
  • Sink – Basin in your bathroom or dining area
  • Seats – Garden seats
  • Bathroom – Spectacular wall-décor and around the mirror or cabinet
  • Planters – mosaic planters

In a big home, it is common to have a kitchen, living room, bath, drawing room, garden, and other structures that you can garner with multi-colored mosaic tiles. Mosaics  simply and effectively help homeowners create stunning floors–bathroom, living room, or pathways. Without a doubt, tiles add a new charm to all living spaces whether interiors or exteriors. In the competitive market, there is a huge variety of tile products for every corner of your home. If you are in the search of a luxurious look and an enchanting appeal, marble mosaic tile or marble mosaics can do wonders with other natural stone types.

Stone types and sizes for mosaic tiles in Indian scenario

Modak sandstone mosaic
Dhaulpur Beige Mosaic

The above-mentioned passage puts light upon various applications of decorative stones and help you know where you can use the stone for making the most out of existing space. Check out the natural stone types and sizes you can choose for upgrading homes. These include:

Natural stone types for mosaic tiles

rectangle mosaic
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  • Sandstone – Fossil mint, modak, L. yellow, pink mint, rainbow, teakwood yellow, teakwood cloudy, D. beige, and yellow mint mosaic tiles.
  • Quartzite – Copper, multicolor, golden, H. black, H. green, H. white, rosa, ocean green, S. white, silver shine, and Z. green tiles
  • Limestone – Kota blue, Kota brown, lime black, lime green, lime pink, lime peacock, tandur blue, and tandur yellow mosaic tiles.
  • Slate – Black rustic, Indian autumn, Indian autumn rustic, lilac, pure pink, red gold, terra red, vijaya gold, yellow rustic mosaic tiles.
  • Marble – All popular hue for marble mosaic tile from North and South India
  • Granite – All popular colors from North and South India
Copper Quartzite Mosaic
Goldan Quartzite mosaic
Crazy mosaic

Natural stone sizes suitable for mosaic tiles

Due to its rough edges and natural rough texture, Indian stone mosaics offer an outstanding anti-slip clasp in wet areas of bathrooms and heavy traffic area like pavements. In Indian natural stone market, you can expect tile products in different hues and patterns. In rectangle, square, and hexagon shapes, mosaics make a big difference to the beauty of your domestic architecture. At a broader level, you can expect tiles for mosaics purposes in the following dimensions:

  • Standard size – 4.8 cm x 4.8 cm x 1 cm
  • Customized size – On-demand by customers

Regatta Universal Exports is a leading natural stone manufacturer and supplier from India that deals in the selling and supplying of mosaic tiles made from high-quality mosaic tiles. All-natural stone tile products sold and supplied by the natural stone company simply deliver an exotic look to your living place.