Also known as Bhilwara Grey or Silver Sand Sandstone, Kandla Grey Sandstone always remains the most preferred choice of architects, construction contractors, builders, garden pavers, and homeowners worldwide. Its subtle yet stunning looks, amazing durability, and superb weather resistance make it a versatile choice for a range of applications.

Kandla grey sandstone
Kandla Grey Outdoor Paving

Sandstone is one of the most immensely utilized stone resources, both from playing a role in various geological arrangements and emerging as a great choice for residential and commercial construction applications. In the field of construction, the biggest advantage with sandstone is that it has is the ease with which it can be divided along its grainy planes with the use of basic hand tools – and the natural cleft face is extremely wanted.

Kandla grey sandstone palisades

What is Sandstone?

Sandstone refers to a kind of sedimentary rock which is primarily made up of quartz sand, but it can also contain major amounts of feldspar, and often clay and silt. Sandstone with over 90% quartz is known as quartzose sandstone. When the sandstone is made up of more than 25% feldspar, it is referred as arkose or arkosic sandstone. In the case of significant amounts of silt or clay, it is called argillaceous sandstone. The color of sandstone differs, given its constitution. Most Argillaceous sandstones or of grey or blue color. Since it is made up of light colored minerals, sandstone is usually of light tan hue. The most common sandstones contain diverse shades of red, due to the presence of iron oxide. In some cases, one may find purple color, which is caused by manganese.

Sandstone is known to have two major applications – crushed stone and dimension stone.

Dimension stone refers to any rock material that can be cut into exact sizes, usually in the form of slabs and blocks. On the other hand, crushed stone is mainly used in the construction of various structures like bridges, roads, and several other commercial and residential units.

Kandla Grey Sandstone falls under the category of very hard stone materials due to its composition which involves the fusion of quart grains with calcite and silica. Being a hard wearing sandstone, it bonds the solid contemporary texture of bluestone and appears just stunning when installed around a pool. The hues of this sandstone are extremely consistent however for highly discerning customers it can still be categorized in two ways – Light Gray & Dark Gray.

Tumbled10x20x4-6 Kandla Grey

Major Features of Kandla Grey Sandstone

  • A visually striking natural stone that exhibits amazing durability
  • Can be obtained in numerous sizes
  • Sturdier and lasting functional properties
  • Available in diverse finishes and edges

Mining of Kandla Grey Sandstone in India

This grey-colored natural stone is mined from the quarries located in the Bhilwara region of Rajasthan. There are large numbers of sandstone quarries in the region that delivering superior quality sandstone products including Kandla Grey Sandstone. The stone inherits its name from the regional dialect.

This sandstone is sourced in the form of large rough blocks that are then moved to natural stone processing units where the next stage of processing is done using different mechanical equipment. As Indian is a top producer of sandstone, sandstone exporters here exports best quality sandstone material to various parts of the world.

Processing Unit

This stage of sandstone process is followed by the quarrying of the stone from the quarry. During the process, the sandstone is further treated by cutting it into slabs and tiles of varying thickness and shape. The purpose of this activity is to make the stone ready for use in different types of construction projects worldwide.

For instance, specially prepared blades are used to transform rough blocks into slabs of varying shapes and sizes. Moreover, these slabs are processed at the deeper level to procure the tiles of different widths. The latest innovations in stone processing tech has enable sandstone suppliers and exporters to save enormous amounts of cost and time while attaining desired outcomes.

Sandstone factory

The main objective behind processing the stone under this stage is to get the exact size of sandstone slabs that can be further used for various construction applications. In addition, it make easier for these slabs to be transported to the project location. From using highly innovative stone processing equipment to using small hand-held tools like mauls and axes, sandstone exporters in India use different types of tools and equipment to get the stone in a particular size and finish.

Finished Material

One important thing to keep in mind that the sandstone can be treated in such a way to achieve a specific surface finish. The selection of a specific finish depends on the exact application of the stone at a later stage. The most commonly applied sandstone finishes are:

  • Natural
  • Brushed
  • Sandblasted
  • Bush hammered


The most commonly preferred sizes of Kandla Grey Sandstone are:

  • SLAB      120-190 CM X 90-60 CM
  • TILES      30 X 30, 60 X 30, 60 X 60 AND 60 X 90 CM
  • PALISADE            10-12 X 12-25 X 30-250 CM
  • WALL CLADDING              100 X 25-45 X 5 CM
  • STEP BLOCKS      75-200 X 35 X 15 CM


The character of surface finish in sandstone is supreme as this is what makes it appropriate for usage in a specific type of application. Be it an interior architectural application or an exterior one, it is important to choose an appropriate finish to get the desired outcomes. The selection of a specific finish depends on the exact nature of application. There are two types of side edges in sandstone – machine cut and hand-cut.  The most common finishes in Kandla Grey Sandstone are given below:

• Natural calibrated machine cut and hand-cut

• Natural + brushed machine cut and hand-cut

• Natural + brushed calibrated machine cut and hand-cut tumbled

• Honed calibrated machine cut and hand-cut

• Honed +sandblasted calibrated machine cut and hand-cut

• Bush hammered calibrated machine cut


Kandla Grey Sandstone due to its appealing natural grey color and remarkable presence of various sandstone properties, is heavily popular in the paving, landscaping, window sills, kerb lintels, and other projects.

India is a leading exporter of Kandla Grey Sandstone and several other types of sandstone like Yellow Mint Sandstone, Autumn Brown Sandstone, Desert Mint Sandstone, Kota Desert, and more. For B2B sandstone buyers in the USA, UK, UAE, Australia, Germany, France, and other countries, Kandla Grey Sandstone from Indian is the best choice.

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