Sourced from the northern state of Rajasthan in India, Kota Brown Limestone is primarily known for its subtle looks and amazing sturdiness. Its high level of versatility makes it an ideal stone choice for a range of applications like wall cladding, flooring, facades, or paving. Moreover, the stone is easy to cut and process which means it can be utilized in various applications.

Though the use of limestone is quite prevalent in various parts of the world, Indian limestone is known to possess high level of strength, colors, and versatility. These are the reasons why it remains in high demand for different construction applications all across the world. Although this stone is comparatively soft, it is known to stand up perfectly against considerable weight and vehicular traffic, making it a great choice of building material for residential and commercial paving.   

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What is Limestone?

According to geology experts, limestone refers to a sedimentary rock which is made up of over 50% calcium carbonate (CaCO3). The stone is basically made up of small fossils, shell fragments, and other debris of fossils. The stone is typically grey, but can also be found in yellow, white, and brown shades. Limestone may differ significantly in texture and absorbency from coquina, which is a medium of whole or parts of sea shells roughly paved by calcite, to oolitic limestone and microcrystalline limestone whose assemblies are so adequate that they can be visible only when magnified.

The true cataloging of marble and limestone can be extremely perplexing to people who are not geologists. The same stone can be sold as a limestone at one time and, as a marble at another time. The refinements which often distinguish between grades and kinds of stones are normally beyond the worry and knowledge of maintenance experts, construction managers and historic architects with obligation for resource management. While this is easy to comprehend, it does not diminish or wipe out the need to precisely classify the materials that need to be treated and upheld.

Kota Brown Limestone is of light-brown color which highlights the yellow and green color hints on its surface. The stone is found to act well against extremely temperature which makes it a great material of choice for construction applications. The stone is known by other names too like Kotah Brown, Kota Stone Brown, and Kota Brown Natural.

Salient Features of Kota Brown limestone

  • Slip resistant and stain resistant stone
  • Striking tones, smooth texture, and awesome finishes
  • Easy availability in different shapes and sizes
  • An ideal choice for interior and exterior construction projects

Mining of Kota Brown Limestone in India

This light brown-colored natural stone is extracted from the quarries located in the Kota region of Rajasthan. The region has large number of limestone quarries that product high quality limestone including Kota Brown Limestone. The stone got its name from the local region where it is extracted.

The big-size blocks are then transported to limestone processing units where next level of stone is done using different types of machinery. Being a leading producer of limestone, India exports great quality material to different parts of the world.

Kota Brown Natural Finish Limestone

Processing Unit

During the next level of stone processing after quarrying, the stone is processed by cutting it into slabs of different sizes and shapes. This type of processing is done to meet the particular needs of a construction project. For example, specialized blades are used to convert rough blocks into slabs of diverse sizes. In addition, these slabs are processed at micro levels to get tiles of varying widths. The recent advancements in stone processing technology has led to enormous cost and time saving while delivering much better outcomes.

The primary objective behind processing the stone this way to get the precise size of limestone slabs that can be further used for several construction application. Moreover, these slabs can easily be carried to the project location. From employing extremely next-gen stone processing machinery to using small hand-held tools like mauls and axes, limestone exporters in  India use a wide range of tools and equipment to get the stone in desired size and finish.

Finished Material

This is one aspect of limestone processing where the natural stone is processed to achieve a specific size and finish. And when it comes to carrying it out, the part of finishing becomes very important. There are various types of finishing that can be done on the surface of limestone.

The most widely preferred sizes of Kota Brown Limestone tiles are:

  • 30 x 30 cm
  • 60 x 30 cm
  • 60 x 60 cm
  • 60 x 90 cm

Available Thickness – 1 cm, 1.2 cm, 1.5 cm, 2 cm or 3 cm


Kota Brown Limestone Flooring

The role of surface finish in a natural stone is paramount as this is what makes it suitable for usage in a particular type of application. Whether it is being in an interior or exterior application, it is necessary to choose the right finish to get the desired results.

The selection of a specific finish depends on the exact nature of application. There are two types of edges in limestone – machine cut and hand-cut.  Below are some of the common finishes Kota Brown Limestone comes in.

  • Natural calibrated machine cut tumbled
  • Natural calibrated hand-cut tumbled
  • Honed calibrated machine cut tumbled
  • Honed calibrated hand-cut tumbled
  • Natural + brushed calibrated machine cut
  • Natural + brushed calibrated hand-cut
  • Semi-honed and semi-brushed calibrated machine cut tumbled
  • Semi-honed and semi-brushed calibrated hand-cut tumbled


The role of surface finish in a natural stone is paramount as this is what makes it suitable for

Highlighting a subtle brown color shade, Kota Brown Limestone is a widely preferred material for a wide range of applications like flooring, paving, sinks, pool coping, monuments, wall facades, and others. The best part of this natural stone is that it gels easily with almost all types of surroundings both exterior and interior.

Though limestone can be imported from various parts of the world, Indian limestone is known to feature excellent technical performance as compared to its counterparts. This is why architects, builders, and construction companies contact limestone exporters in India to get high quality material at the most competitive rates.

Kota Brown Limestone Flooring

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