Stunning Quartzite Colors for Global B2B Buyers

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Quartzite is an extremely strong and durable natural stone that is ideal for any wall and floor surface. With a marble-like appearance, quartzite stone emerges as a viable alternative to expensive marble. Smitten by unique quartzite colors, people welcome this stone to their kitchens, baths, and living rooms. Moreover, the scratch-resistant and heat-resistant ability of the stone makes it the first choice of admirers (B2C and B2B buyers) who are looking for a long-lasting and beautiful surface.

Wall cladding

There are lots of factors that make quartzite one of the superb stone products for various residential and commercial construction projects. First of all, the stone comes with a real combination of natural veining patterns that define the beauty of the stone. Next, the stone simply complements a variety of styles. Formed from sandstone, colorful quartzite stones perform higher on the Mohs scale (7) than marble (3). In addition, this stone is less costly than marble products available in the competitive market. Strength and durability qualities clearly indicate that the stone is strong, abrasion-resistant, and durable. The features of uniqueness and versatility owned by the stone steal the show. Apart from colors, these factors give quartzite buyers big reasons to welcome quartzite to their living premises. This content puts light on a few quartzite colors that are preferred by B2B buyers all over the world.

Unique quartzite colors from North India

Without a doubt, quartzite stone is a natural stone that makes its presence felt with its looks, performance, and popularity. There is no dearth of quartzite colors available in the Indian market that caters to all needs of B2B buyers. From green to white and from yellow to brown, the list of quartzite colors is really very long. An ISO-certified Indian stone supplier can help buyers get the following sizes, finishes, and edges:

  • Tiles: 30 x 30, 60 x 30, 60 x 60 and 60 x 90 cm with thickness 1 cm, 1.2 cm, 1.5 cm, 2 cm or 3 cm.
  • Finishes with edges: Natural calibrated, polished, honed, and brushed machine cut (MC)

Whether you are searching for quartzite slab colors or multicolor quartzite tiles, natural quartzite always overcomes your genuine expectations. Let’s find out what sort of color options are there for global B2B buyers.

Silver quartzite

Silver quartzite product is capable of enhancing your interiors or exteriors with dazzle and style. This stone is ideal for having countertops, flooring, roofing, and wall cladding in all internal and external living premises. Extracted from the land of Rajasthan, this stone is available for B2B buyers in two color variations: Silver grey and silver shine quartzite.

Silver Grey Quartzite
Silver grey quartzite featuring different shades of grey with hints of white and black on its surface.
Silver grey wall cladding quartzite
Silver grey wall cladding tiles installed inside a living room
Quartzite in a silver shine hue
Silver shine quartzite featuring a subtle mix of grey, silver and black colors with a highly patterned surface.
Silver Shine Quartzite Floor Tile
Silver shine quartzite flooring with tiles inside a living room

Green quartzite

In the list of quartzite colors, green color has specific relevance as it comes with various patterns, shades, tones, streak, and texture. There are four popular variations of green colors in the following options:

Quartzite flooring D Green
D Green quartzite flooring with tiles at an outdoor space in Spain
D Green Quartzite
D green quartzite with a dark green base and surface in yellow, beige, and grey shades
H green Quartzite
H green quartzite with a green base and consistent texture
green quartzite tiles
Ocean green quartzite with hints of grey and buff shades
Polished Z Green 48x48mm
Z green quartzite with shades like beige, buff, yellow and grey on its surface
Zeera green-4.8x4.8-cms
Z green quartzite with beige, buff, yellow and grey shades on its surface

White quartzite

S White Quartzite Tile thumbnail
Shimla white quartzite with a grained texture
Project in Moscow
Himachal white quartzite with a grayish-white quartzite without much color variation

Copper and golden quartzite

Wall cladding with stripes (60cms x 5-15 cmsx 1.2 cms)
Copper quartzite wall cladding installation inside a residential area
copper quartzite stone
Copper quartzite with a pale reddish-brown hue and attractive patterns in darker shades
Golden Quartzite
Golden quartzite with streaks in sunset orange tones and swirls in dark grey shades.

No matters B2B buyers prefer to buy white quartzite slabs or silver quartzite tile, a professional natural stone supplier from India is capable of catering to their changing business needs with stunning quartzite colors amicably.