Choosing Between Marble and Granite Countertops For A Kitchen

April 29, 2023 Admin

Marble or granite countertops should be chosen carefully since each material has its benefits and drawbacks. Since both materials come in a variety of colors and designs, it’s crucial to think about the practical benefits of each material before making a choice.

Since granite is one of the most durable stones available, it is a common option for countertops. It is a great option for a busy kitchen because of its excellent level of heat, scratch, and stain resistance. Granite comes in a huge variety of colors and patterns and is also quite simple to maintain. The drawbacks of granite include potential cost and installation challenges.

Carrara White Marble Countertops


Granite’s wide range of hues, designs, and variants is one of the factors that make homeowners swoon over it. Choose from granite in many colours, including white, beige, brown, copper, pink, black, and everything in between. It’s important to choose a certain slab since no two patterns are same. Some slabs have smaller specks, while others have a variety of distinctive streaks. Just keep in mind that unusual hues like red or blue might eventually lose favour and only draw in a select group of prospective homebuyers.

Marble is instantly recognisable due to its magnificent veining and traditional, ageless qualities, making it a legendary material in and of itself. Each marble slab is distinct and readily turns into the main point of any design pattern because to its unmatched patterns and differences. White and cream are the most popular color marble countertops, although other alternatives include brown, tan, grey, and black. The hues of veins range from cream and white to grey and gold, and their patterns can be either thin or dense.

The most popular kind of marble is Makrana White, which costs almost as much as granite but has thicker veining and a more opulent appearance. Calacatta marble is more costly and has thicker veining. While Pink Onyx marble brightens with its transparent surface, Fantasy Brown marble comes in a variety of brown hues.


The surface finishes are one aspect that both items share. The surfaces of granite and marble countertops can be polished, honed, leathered, or brushed. Which one you pick will depend on whether you want your modern, farmhouse, rustic, or traditional kitchen design to have a glossy, matte, or raised look and feel.


One of the most long-lasting natural stone surfaces is granite. That’s because even when hot utensils are placed immediately on top, the heat-resistant material doesn’t shatter or chip. It also has superior scratch resistance than marble, but it could still etch. Granite often cleans up spills easily, but it’s better to wipe countertops promptly to prevent staining the porous material.

Marble is frequently perceived as being both delicate and opulent. However, despite what its reputation might lead you to believe, it is more durable than cracks and chips can harm it. When cooking anything hotter than that, you’ll need a trivet underneath the heat-resistant stone, which can withstand temperatures up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, marble countertops have drawbacks like scratching and staining. Always use a cutting board beneath the stone when chopping or cutting food since the softer stone is more prone to etching. Acidic drinks and foods like tomatoes, lemonade, and wine as well as acidic cleaning supplies are other items that might etch your natural stone. Any spills should be cleaned up right away to prevent stains from food, beverages, or water spots.


With the right maintenance, these stone countertops may last for a very long time. Natural granite and marble require periodic resealing, but how frequently depends on the surface and how frequently your kitchen is used.

Every two years or so, granite should be sealed to maintain its resistance against moisture. A color-matching epoxy can be used to repair scratches and other small damage, but make sure to leave larger cracks to the pros. regularly clean granite with mild soap and water, but never use abrasive cleaners since they could create scratches or even degrade the finish. Spills should be quickly cleaned up to prevent stains, especially with oil-based substances that are more prone to doing so. Granite may endure a very long time if you follow these maintenance instructions.

Every six months to a year, marble has to be sealed. Although it will aid in stain resistance, it won’t prevent etching from occurring on your surface. Use a pH-neutral cleaner or one made especially for natural stone to clean marble. Because it is more porous than granite, immediately wiping up spills will prevent your countertop from etching and staining. Also keep in mind that the luxurious surface does need a particular detergent to help with stain removal. Marble may survive for a very long period with these care tips, although it will probably seem more worn than granite.


Marble and granite are both regarded as more expensive countertop materials. Generally speaking, granite is less expensive, costing around three-fifths as much as the costlier stone. Granite typically costs between $40 and $100 per square foot, whereas marble costs between $50 and $150 per square foot.

Prices, however, are subject to fluctuate due to variations in pricing and other variables. Cost is influenced by the kind, size, labour, and other treatments. For instance, a product will cost more if it is made of higher-quality stone, rarer granite colours, or marble varieties like Calacatta. For either material, certain shapes and larger slabs can increase the cost, but smaller pieces or even tiles are a more economical option. The price is also affected by the install’s intricacy and the amount of labour required. Finally, you will spend more up front for a product that is easier to maintain if manufacturers apply any treatments like finishes that boost a surface’s stain or etching resistance.

Granite and marble worktops both have beauty when compared to other natural stone countertops, but granite is more durable and requires less upkeep. While these suggestions can help you choose the surface that best suits your lifestyle, you might also want to use an online marble or granite visualizer to see which material best complements your particular room.

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