Fantasy Brown Marble – Awarding Both Beauty & Strength

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Whether  you are a homeowner looking to  upgrade your home interior or a construction contractor searching for a wonderful natural stone for an ongoing project, fantasy brown marble could emerge as the most sought-after choice for you. The reasons are quite obvious as this stone has almost everything that is needed to make any space physically strong, economically durable, and visually pleasing.

Since natural stones are known for their natural characteristics and excellent physical cpaabilities, they always remain a favourite choice of architects and construction experts worldwide. So, let’s find out more about fantasy brown marble in this post.

Fantasy Brown Marble

Fantasy brown marble is a naturally occurring stone with exceptional technical properties that is frequently used to decorate interior spaces, and in particular, to create kitchen counters. In the north of India, in an area called Rajasthan, quarries produce Brown Fantasy marble.

Other names – Brown Fantasy marble, Ocean Beige, Aurora Fantasy, Cafe Latte, Canyon Dawn, white Reef, Breaking Waves, Terra Bianca.

Fantasy Brown

What is Fantasy Brown Marble?

Neither granite nor quartzite are Fantasy Brown. It is genuinely marble, but there is a fix; the dolomitization procedure makes it tougher than typical marble. For convenience, you might refer to it as a “hard marble.” The term “dolomitic marble” or “dolomite” would be ideal.

It is sometimes referred as as “soft quartzite” in some areas. Quartzite, which is often a hard substance, does not, however, come in either hard or soft varieties.

Salient Features of Fantasy Brown Marble

  • Lasting Durability
  • Amazing Visual Characteristics
  • Needs Low Maintenance
  • Unmatched Glossy Surface
  • Easy Installation
  • Capability To Transform Any Space

Visual Properties

Fantasy brown marble has exquisite chromatic and aesthetic characteristics. On its surface is a painting covered in lovely and priceless cloudings and shadows, as well as a colour pallet of various hues. While the general hue of the Fantasy Brown marble is undoubtedly brown—more specifically, sand color—the spectrum of colours is rather varied, and we may discover cream, grey, green, white, and gold on the same slab of Fantasy Brown marble. Smooth, earthy brown, beige, sandy grey, and chestnut coloured brushstrokes may be seen in the veins of Fantasy brown marble.

What Makes Fantasy Brown Marble Special?

Fantasy Brown Marble is not your typical marble. Compared to the traditional white marble used in kitchens, this gorgeous Indian stone is significantly tougher (similar to the lines of White Carrara Marble or Calcutta Marble).

In actuality, Fantasy Brown Marble will fare better in your kitchen than quartzite. To let their customers know what to expect in terms of the stone’s hardness and durability, several vendors explicitly label it as quartzite. Because of its durability, Fantasy Brown may be used in your kitchen without fear of it being quickly etched or discoloured. This stone will continue to look brand-new for many years with proper sealing.

You may find high color variation in fantasy brown marble. And, this is why it is recommended for marble buyers to take a closer look at each marble slab before taking the final buying decision.

These are only a few of the characteristics of the Fantasy Brown Marble, but as we have already mentioned, there is much more to this marble stone than just these characteristics. There is a reason why it has been a very popular option on the market. The finest aspect about this brown coloured stone is that it suits your budget and is both strong and beautiful. Keeping a close eye on fashion, we wholeheartedly urge you to choose this natural stone. For your space, the Fantasy Brown Marble could be the finest investment option.

Are Fantasy Brown Marble Countertops Durable?

This amazing material is a wonderful choice for the creation of fantasy brown marble countertops due to all its technical and aesthetic qualities. The Fantasy brown marble countertop may be used with any mood, furniture, colour, or material thanks to its combining of sandy brown hues.

Also, the inclusion of quartzite in this stone ensures a considerably higher resilience compared to marble: Fantasy brown marble countertops are strong, resistant to etching and staining, and resistant to scratches. This stone is an intriguing option for the construction of your Fantasy brown marble countertop due to its economics: it is readily mined, produced in large quantities, and has cheap rates.

Fantasy Brown Marble countertop
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