Importing White Marble Countertops? Here are a few things you must know.

October 3, 2023 Admin

Marble is frequently the top material of choice for countertops. Since it is the material that architects may use to create the most visually stunning and operationally excellent structures, marble has long held the top spot in the construction business. It is frequently used in countertops and backsplashes.

Despite the fact that marble is available in a broad variety of hues and patterns, white marble stands head and shoulders above the rest. Marble, however, is not the best product. High-quality marbles have various drawbacks while being thick and relatively nonporous, which makes them more durable and stain-resistant, like fantasy brown marble from India. Made of calcium or magnesium carbonate, marble is a non-foliated metamorphic rock that reacts with certain acids. Even after being sealed, marble tends to etch when exposed to an acidic material like lemon juice or vinegar, leaving a hazy, white area.

Carrara White Marble Countertops

White marble countertops require special maintenance if you’ve made up your mind to have them, in order to keep them looking brand-new for many years. However, the advice provided below might assist you in picking the ideal marble slab for your countertop.

  1. If you are concerned about stains, use white marble instead.

Marble is a natural stone that is commonly thought of as being a creamy, white stone, but it really comes in a range of colours, including green, golden, black, and other hues. It is advised to go with white marble countertops if you are worried about your worktops becoming soiled over time. This is due to the pale mark that acid etching leaves on the marble slab, which might be unsightly on a coloured surface.

When compared to other marble varieties, high-quality white Indian marble stones like white onyx, Bruno white, and Makrana white have exceptional stain-resistant qualities.

  1. Consider how various marble slabs will be connected.

It is advised to select the precise marble slabs for your countertop because each one is unique. This may be achieved by aligning the marble slabs’ veining patterns and setting them in the proper position. Your slab would appear to be a picture thanks to the well positioned marble slabs.

Do consider how various marble pieces will combine, though. A large slab is likely to be delivered without any seams, which is fantastic. Put greater care towards book-matching the marble if seams do appear.

marble slabs for shower
  1. Think on veining patterns

Since each marble quarry is different, there are two techniques to cut particular types of marble blocks to produce individual veining patterns. Popular ones include cross-cut, vein, and fleuri cuts.

In essence, the sort of veining the marble slab should have depends on the precise use.

  1. Pick the appropriate finish.

The fact that white marble countertops may be given many sorts of finishes is yet another fantastic feature. Architects can now purchase marble countertops in a variety of finishes, including leather, brushed, polished, Lepatora, bush hammered, and antique, thanks to recent advancements in finishing technology.

However, polished marble is the most popular treatment since it provides the slab a bright surface and makes cleaning it simple. Opt for an honed finish if etching is a problem. A polished surface frequently appears lifeless when etched.

  1. Examine the edges of the countertop

There are several edge kinds to select from, but experts advise using an easy edge because it significantly reduces sharpness. Another common edge is bullnose, which has a half-circle pattern and is incredibly well-liked by homes.

White marble countertops might have a specific design carved into the edge of the surface. However, accepting that marble countertops may tarnish over time is the best way to live with them.

The Final Verdict

White marble countertops are used often these days because of the unparalleled beauty they provide, but they must be properly maintained. Sealing the countertops is one step in that direction. Their overall performance would improve as a result.

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