How a Natural Slate Company Caters to Needs of B2B Buyers?

Business-to-business slate stone purchasing is quite different from business-to-customer slatestone purchasing as B2B buyers have a different need. B2B buyers always find it hard to reach the right slate stone manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers. Buyers come with different needs and expectations regarding the price, quality, and delivery of products. A qualified slate company offers candid and relevant slate stone solutions. With this content, check out how a natural slate company understands the needs of B2B buyers and offers them slate options for commercial purposes.   

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  • Natural slate options by a professional slate company – Types of slate products available in India for B2B buying
  • Stages of stone purchasing and customer experience – 3 stages of slate buying regarding experience gained by the customers

                  Pre-sale customer service by a slate company

                  Stone processing by a slate company

                  Pre-sale customer service by a slate company                 

Stone buying process

Natural slate options by a professional slate company

India, being a slate hub, entices a large number of slate buyers from all corners of the world. There are lots of slate stone exporters, manufacturers, and suppliers engaged in the selling and supplying of a variety of slate tiles. When buyers are online, it is easy to get contact details of slate sellers. Interestingly, some slate suppliers also function as exporters and manufacturers. With such suppliers of slate, one can expect a timely and regular supply of slate products at competitive or factory rates. A slate company with its factory is likely to offer B2B buyers timely delivery of slate tiles. Although buyers can opt for custom sizes suiting their needs, yet the following standard sizes can be easily availed in the Indian market.

  • Available tile sizes: 30×30, 40×40, 60×30 and 60×60 cm with thickness 1-1.5 cm
  • Available finishes: Natural calibrated machine cut (MC) edges

When it comes to choosing the right slate supplier, buyers should check goodwill, experience, and customer service of the slate company they are interested in working with. It is quite common that a highly acclaimed slate company deals in the selling and supplying of a big range of slate tiles to meet the varying demands of its global customers. Following is a concise list of natural slate options any buyer can have in the competitive market:

  • Black slate – Jak black and rustic black slate
  • Multicolor slate – Jak multicolor and multicolor peacock slate
  • Gold slate – Vijya gold slate
  • Green slate – N green, M green, and green rustic slate
  • Pink slate – Pure pink and multi pink slate
  • Red slate – Chocolate, raja red, red gold, and terra red slate
  • Yellow slate – Yellow multi and yellow rustic slate
Multicolor Slate Suppliers
Multicolor slate
Terra Red Slate Suppliers
Terra red slate
Vijaya Gold Slate Suppliers
Vijaya gold slate

Stages of stone purchasing and customer experience

B2B stone purchasing is a regular feature as it directly relates to the timely and adequate supply of slate products for B2C consumers. A professional slate company in India prefers to take challenges of high quality and continuous improvement with customer service commitment by integrating procurement, production, design and execution options. With factors of experience, customer liaison, and problem-solving attitude, a slate exporter can match the genuine expectations of slate buyers effectively.

B2B buying and customer experience go hand in hand. Being a repetitive activity, B2B buying brings buyers and slate suppliers together. It is the customer experience that makes a buyer buy repetitively from a particular slate exporter or supplier. There are three major stages in the process of stone purchasing that decide the level of customer service experience. When it comes to finding a slate company, a buyer looks for various slate suppliers. Though there is a long list of suppliers of slate in India, yet every buyer has to pass through a process for buying quality slate stone products.

Pre-sale customer service by a slate company

  • Customer’s visit to the company’s website
  • Customer’s response to the website with the filling of the inquiry form
  • Company’s response to queries raised by slate buyers
  • Company shares the details of slate price, quantity, and products
  • Buyers get an answer to all queries amicably
  • Sample slate products offered to buyers
  • Stone order placing as per commercial needs of slate buyers

Stone processing service by the slate company

  • Receiving of stone order by the slate factory
  • Cutting of blocks from slate quarries
  • Transferring slate blocks to slate factories
  • Cutting of blocks into slabs and tiles
  • Polishing of stone surfaces (Natural and calibrated)
  • Shaping stone edges with machines or by hands
  • Packing of slate tiles in safe and secure crates
  • Delivery of packed slates to the nearest ports
  • Offering regular updates to buyers via mail or chat

 Post-sale customer service by a slate company

  • Taking feedback from B2B buyers via chat or mail
  • Sharing customer reviews and experience
  • Handling complaints or issues faced by buyers
  • Extending a helping hand to guide buyers on grievances

Whether buyers are interested in buying a multicolor slate product or multi pink slate product, they have to pass through these three stages. A professional slate company always sticks to business ethics and offers B2B solutions that are real-time and user-friendly. Through this 3-stage process, a slate product supplier matches the needs of its buyers.

Outdoor Flooring Slate Tiles
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Global buyers of slate also need to know that some suppliers serve their clients with a minimum order quantity option that is also one full container load.