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Black (Rustic) Slate Product

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Color: Black        Material origin: South India

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Application area: Wall-coverings, flooring, and paving

Available tile sizes: 30 x 30, 40 x 40, 60 x 30 and 60 x 60 cm with thickness 1cm, 1.2cm, and 1.5cm

Available finishes: Natural calibrated machine cut (MC) edges in 1, 1.2, and 1.5cm and natural both side MC edges in 1-1.5cm

Minimum order quantity: One full container load

Black (Rustic) slate can be characterized by an irresistible mix of grey and black hues with rust-like smudges occurring all over its surface. With its ability to impart a bucolic touch to any surrounding, this slate is well suited for areas, like kitchen and facade. It is an ideal choice among architects for new construction as well as renovation projects. Processed at a Black (rustic) slate factory in India’s Northern part, you can have your choice slate tile colors in an easy manner.

As the name implies, the Indian Black slate is a light black colored natural stone with consistent texture. It is mostly used in places, where one wants to add some sort of tranquility to space. Due to its eye-pleasing texture, it is recognized as a perfect material for exterior and interior applications in the forms of wall covering, flooring and paving

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Note: Minimum order of one container/3000 sq.ft.