Tiles30 x 30 and 60 x 30 cm
Thickness1-3 CM
FinishPolished, Honed, Brushed, Natural

Product details:

Deouli Yellow or just D Yellow has a yellow base with streaks and patterns on its surface in multiple shades of buff, yellow, grey and orange. Due to its eye-pleasing looks, durability, and heat/frost resistant nature, this quartzite is extensively used for exterior and interior applications in the forms of floor tiles, wall panels and paving stones.

Application areas: Exterior, interior, wall cladding

 Available finishes with edges

• Natural calibrated machine cut
• Polished calibrated machine cut
• Honed + brushed calibrated machine cut
• Natural + brushed calibrated machine cut

Regatta Universal Exports is a professional and certified Indian quartzite supplier that offers a wide range of D yellow quartzite tile products in more than 60 countries in all parts of the world.

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