Pedestal stone ornamental are used for supporting a statue or a vase. These decorative stone articles are heavily used in bird bath, feeders, and garden sculpture. Worldwide customers prefer using the pedestals ornamental as these are craved from the natural stones. Stones articles provide resistance against weather, heat, fire and rust. The articles last long and serve a great purpose in lawns, landscape and sometime in interior decoration. For this reason, they are suitable for classic, contemporary and traditional environment.

Marble, Granite, and Sandstone rock is used for the manufacturing premium quality Pedestals. Marble pedestals occupy and create its own space when placed in the room. Today, it leads in the fashion world. Greek, French, Roman, Egyptian & many more artistic patterns are applied while designing the amazing foundations.  Such pedestals add more beauty to the ideal pieces like sculpture, any piece of art, plant or anything else around it.

Pedestals ornamental which get an apt look with hard carvings & detailing emphasize artistic beauty. It encloses both traditional and contemporary corners. In any open courtyard or garden these can be used as monuments, planters, feeders, place statues, birdbaths.

Pedestals come in different shapes and sizes which are beautifully carved at the edges. The beauty of the nature has no limits and the inspiration can come from anywhere. Regatta Exports, the leading manufacturer of Pedestals ornamental in India provides premium quality stone articles at competitive prices. Moreover, customers can order their own specification or may opt for customized articles according to the home or business needs.

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Note: Minimum order of one container/3000 sq.ft.