The world of architecture is advancing with every passing year with new designs and materials being introduced into the market regularly. This has not just revolutionized the world of architecture and designing, but created ample of space as well as scope for the entry of new materials and designs along with the existing ones. It is not that stone cladding or stone veneer is the latest addition, but for some reason, its popularity did not go down even a bit for centuries.

Even these days, many homeowners prefer stone cladding/veneer stones over other architectural materials available in the market that are relatively less expensive. Interestingly, many among us might have come across this unique stone pattern, but probably, don’t know what it is called! Well, it is nothing, but a specific architectural design pattern in which, thin pieces or slices of natural stones are affixed in a definite pattern to cover a perpendicular structure – usually a wall – to provide looks as well as protection.

Why stone veneers are the best decor materials?

Many people like using different natural stones in a combination, while others prefer using the same natural stone – may be limestone, sandstone or slate alone – in two to three different colors or tones. Depending on the homeowners’ preference, stone cladding or stone veneer can be used to create a classical or contemporary look. Stone cladding not only imparts a distinctively striking look to the building but also adds a natural texture to the walls, regardless of the fact that it has been done indoors or outdoors.

Wall Cladding

Incidentally, there exist all sorts of materials in the market for wall cladding, and some of them aren’t even stones. This often leaves people confused and makes it really difficult for buyers to make a rational choice. But, you can any day go for stone cladding as there’s no room for confusion when it comes to natural stone cladding; not because of its wonderful properties and astounding shades, and also due to the fact that it never goes out of fashion. Natural stones, such as limestone, sandstone, marble, quartzite, granite, and slate are extensively used for stone cladding for a fascinating interior/exterior makeover.

Let’s now discuss the advantages of using various natural stones that are used for cladding. Starting with limestone, wall cladding developed with limestone gives a vintage touch to any building with its beautiful shades that varies from lighter tones of Lime Green and Tandur Yellow to stronger ones of Lime Pink and Lime Black. It is suitable for both interior and exterior cladding.

Besides, there are other natural stones available for cladding application marble stone cladding. One of the most beautiful natural stones – often considered as the ‘royal stone’ – is available in multiple eye-pleasing shades for wall cladding. Using marble for stone cladding, either indoors or outdoors simply adds a stately charm to the space of the installation. Moreover, with a little care, it is easy to clean and maintain.

Other natural stones such as granite, sandstone, and slate are also widely used for stone cladding. While the popularity of granite stone cladding can be attributed to its durability and availability in innumerable shades and surface design patterns, sandstone cladding is generally preferred for its weathered, natural looks. Sandstone cladding is generally favored for exterior wall cladding by those, who want to give a neoclassical look to their properties. Likewise, slate is also profusely used for interior as well as exterior wall cladding due to its durability and availability in dark shades that are best suited for minimalist design.

So, now hopefully you know what exactly to pick whenever you want to enhance the beauty of your property. Depending on the looks that you want to create, select the stone in your favorite shades for stone wall cladding. Not only this would ensure you of irresistible looks and long-term protection of the walls, but gives you the advantage of low-cost and easy maintenance.

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