Sandstone tiles for enduring in high-trafficked areas

May 8, 2019 Admin

“Picking up the right flooring stone material for a high-traffic area is an immense decision. The material you choose should be a must for high-traffic applications like airport terminals, schools, hospitals, and restaurants.”

Your home is not as busy as these concrete structures but your domestic floor faces lots of traffic and constant wear and tear when in use. That is why you need to rely upon the most durable residential and commercial flooring materials that match well with the cost and application of the stone installation and performance in upcoming years. Here, sandstone tiles can give you a reason to smile. For making things happen in your favor, you can take help from flooring experts in order to find the perfect flooring choice for your upcoming home improvement, décor and construction projects.

Modak Sandstone Pathway

Sandstone tile features making floor fit for high movement area

Generally, a high traffic area is worn and torn gradually when used by people. That is why it should be tough and high performing. Colorful sandstone tiles are widely used in all corners of the world for garnering exterior flooring, wall cladding, hallways, garden pathway and decoration purposes for houses and commercial spaces. Tile products made of sandstone give a new meaning to flooring. Thanks to sandstone tile installation that makes a floor suitable for a high-movement area. Available in more than 20 different shades, the natural sand stone comes with the following striking features:

⦁ Beautiful, natural, and unique
⦁ Durable, hard and long lasting
⦁ Eco-friendly and earth product
⦁ Easy to replace when broken
⦁ Heat resistance and water absorption
⦁ Good for interior and exterior flooring
⦁ Smooth, glistening and flat surface

Autumn Brown pool surround

Indian sandstone tiles to cater all flooring needs

Mandana Sandstone tumbled & brushedQuarried from sandstone quarries in the form of big and rough blocks, sandstone tiles get their original form when the blocks are processed at stone processing units. Made of sedimentary rocks, sandstone tiles are generally composed of most resistant materials, like quartz or feldspar. Globally, this stone product is in huge demand in various sizes and designs. When it comes to Indian sandstone tiles, you can have popular size of wall and floor sandstone tiles in the following choices: 

  • 30 x 30, 60 x 30, 60 x 60 and 60 x 90 cm with width thickness 2 cm, 3 cm, 4 cm, 5 cm or 6 cm.

Let’s have a look at what are some of the great sandstone options along with popular sand stone finishes, including both side natural, brushed, honed, calibrated, tumbled, sandblasted, bush-hammered, and top polished. 

  • Autumn BrownAutumn brown sandstone (A creamy brown stone product with a blend of dark and light brown tones plus touches of plum and grey hues)
  • Fossil mint sandstone (A sandy buff sandstone having fossil-like patterns on its surface)
  • K Black sand stone (A blackish-red sandstone product carrying black and grey streaks and even texture on the top)
  • Kandla Grey sandstone (A light and dark grey stone with pretty consistent textures)
  • Mandana sandstone (A chocolate shaded natural stone with accents of dark red, plum and light brown)
  • Modak sandstone (A simple looking sandstone having a mix of pink, honey, rose and terracotta shades plus dark pink swirls on its surface)
  • Rainbow sandstone (A superb sandstone product featuring striking veins and swirls in violet, brown and red hues)
  • Raveena sandstone (With a grey-colored background, this sandstone has wavy and swirly patterns in shades of purple, red and pink)

In the competitive market, there are lots of sandstone tile sellers and suppliers dealing in affordable tiles for flooring purpose. They supply customized stone tiles that redefine all high traffic areas in living spaces, bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, and outdoor pavers. Before making an actual purchase online, remember that you buy only from qualified and experienced Indian sandstone supplier and manufacturer.

If you are not sure about why sandstone tiles are great for high traffic area, just compare the benefits of sandstone other natural stone materials keeping the cost factor in mind. Regatta Universal Exports is a promising sandstone supplier and manufacturer that offers you quality, sturdy and functional tile products that make a justice to all floor types that face heavy traffic daily.

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