Why is green marble a new trend for hottest interior looks?

Since ages, natural stones have been a part and parcel of almost all construction types. These days, people are giving more importance to the improvement of their living standards, including domestic and commercial look enhancements. Consequently, the use of natural stones, especially marble has become a common phenomenon. Interestingly, green marble in different colors and designs is a synonym of the royal appearance. It is the latest interior design trend and it comes in an assortment of ravishing hues. Being rich and refined, this stone makes you feel fresh and contemporary. Indeed, it is a luxurious stone that you can easily incorporate into your home. But you need a green marble supplier first.


India is a major producer and global green marble supplier of a wide variety of marble. Processed from marble factories in India, Indian green marble is in high demand. Global marble importers can order their choice marble slabs in various sizes and thickness with an internationally reputed green marble supplier. HereRegatta Universal Exports makes a big difference with the delivery of quality marble products in all corners of the world. Let’s see why different marbles in green hue are the new tendency for having hottest interior looks.

Why is green marble stone a good choice?

Famous for its reflectiveness, the word marble is originated from the Greek word “marmar.” The verbal meaning of this Greek word is “to glisten.” Marble is the most popular natural stone that catches all eyes marble kitchen countertopdue to its gloss. It brings a fresh twist to your regular marble. The lovely stone creates a contrast with other colors that are subtle and light. It radiates a sense of class and refinement. It brings a new appeal to your living area by taking a center stage. If you compare it with black marble, you will find that it works better. It is a great choice for countertops, flooring, vanity, bathroom, fireplaces, etc. If you find greenstone a good choice, then a professional green marble supplier can help you a lot with the availability of this marble in the following varieties of designs and styles:

  • Atlantic green, Bidasar green, Emerald green and Forest green marble
  • Gemstone green, Green flower, Imperial green and Kesariaji green marble
  • Meridian green, Olive green, Plain green and Rainforest green marble
  • Sea green and Verde Guatemala marble

With a professional green marble supplier, you can expect all these marble products delivered at your doorstep.

Green marble: A synonym of royal appearance

Decorators and architects take this natural stone as a preferable material owing to its inherent qualities, such as resilience, natural texture, and color richness. When it comes to adding the hottest interior and exterior looks to an existing structure or upcoming construction, green-hued marble supplied by a reliable green marble supplier induces a big difference with the following applications:

  • Interior applications to enhance the value of the property: Fireplace construction; building columns in large rooms and halls; polished marble columns for royal appearance, and marble tiles to cover floors of large rooms.
  • Exterior applications to garner outdoor space: Marble columns to support exteriors of a building and marble slabs to construct designer walkways, wall dividers, and outdoor furniture.
  • Miscellaneous applications for home construction and renovation: Marble tiles for kitchen countertops and vanity tops; marble slabs for making table, benches, and stools; fireplace surrounds, room dividers and mantle pieces, and engraving beautiful religious figures.

When you get in touch with a manufacturer and green marble supplier in India, you are supposed to get your choice products with the following edge profiles: Chamfer, double bullnose, double chamfer, double full bullnose, half bullnose chamfer, single bullnose, and single Ogee–A. With eye-pleasing looks and factor of durability, this stone emerges as a popular material for exterior and interior designing.

What do you get from your green marble supplier?

Green marble is available in the competitive market with alternative names, such as Indian Green marble, Kesariya Gree, Verde Guatemala, Udaipur Green Guatemala, Verde Marmol, and Udaipur Green Marble. When you opt for quality marble imports from a green marble supplier for India, expect marble slabs in the following dimensions:

Green Slabs

  • Size: Up to 300 X 200 cm
  • Thickness: 18mm, 20mm, 30mm
  • Stuffing In 20′ Container: 20 Mm Slabs – 400 – 425 Sq. Meter; 30 mm Slabs – 270 – 300 Sq. meter

Marble (Green) — Cut to size

  • Size: 30 X 30 Cm, 30 X 60 Cm, 40 X 40 Cm, 60 X 40 Cm, 60 X 60 Cm, 60 X90 Cm
  • Thickness: 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm
  • Stuffing In 20′ Container: 18 Mm Tiles – 420 – 440 Sq. Meter; 20 Mm Tiles – 400 – 425 Sq. Meter

Green Tiles

  • Size: 305 X 305, 305 X 610, 457 X 457
  • Thickness: 10mm, 12mm
  • Stuffing In 20′ Container: 10 Mm Tiles – 800 – 820 Sq. Meter

Regatta Universal Exports is an expert green marble supplier and it offers you a variety of marble products for creating high-quality kitchen countertops and vanity countertops at a competitive price across the world.