Stone Balustrade Articles

A balustrade is a railing comprised of a number of barriers. It is commonly used in porches, homes, staircases, offices, buildings, terraces, and so on. It is widely used globally in order to enhance the overall appeal of home interiors. In India, balustrades are available in a wide range of designs, styles, shapes, sizes, and textures. Regatta Universal Exports offers sandstone balustrades in a vase or round shape, including a furniture leg. Sandstone balustrades with an antique look are also popular for the construction of commercial properties and homes. There are different types of Indian balustrades for homes, porches or offices. The specific types of balustrades include:

  • Classic balustrade
  • Contemporary balustrade
  • Italian balustrade

These balustrades are easily available in the market and add an appealing look to any home or office. All balustrades are not the same. They do vary in terms of material quality.  For last 20 years, Regatta Universal Exports has been manufacturing premium quality balustrades according to the customers’ specifications and business requirements. The exporter of balustrades in India is known for providing high quality, on-time delivery, and systematic packaging in the natural stone industry. Nowadays, most homeowners prefer purchasing designer and stylish balustrades to add style and gleam to home interiors.

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